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InfoTrie is a Consulting and Financial Engineering company headquartered in Singapore, with offices in India and Europe, and a great pool of expertise in Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Engineering & Quantitative Modeling.

It specializes in
- Business, Big Data and Financial IT consulting,
- Trading systems and trading technologies integration,
- The development of proprietary Big Data and predictive analytics solutions.

Our product offering includes:
- FinSentS, a cutting edge news analytic and Sentiment Analysis engine (www.finsents.com). It scans in real time the web (news, blogs, social media) and proprietary sources for thousands of stocks, FX, commodities or any financial topic... Sentiment scores are correlated to asset prices to ensure consistency. They can be used a technical indicator or as a quantitative real-time feed (market data) for your algorithms or systems (risk, compliance, …). We offer up to 15 years of sentiment history as direct API access or through our data vendor partners.
- Low latency and scalable trading technologies to brokers and financial companies leveraging the latest technical "Big Data" trends such as Apache Spark, Kakfa and Storm.
- Algorithmic trading and pattern matching technologies.

Email us at contact@infotrie.com to know more.