Zopa investors, we've written a review for you

Hi all,

Jordan here from independent P2P lending research service, Orca. We provide analysis and insights enabling investors and advisers to perform due diligence on the whole UK P2P market.

We recently performed analysis on Zopa’s loan book, and here’s our findings.

Zopa Review - Loan Book Analysis’ We hope it’s of use.

As part of our service, we’ll be ramping up our analysis and displaying it in our online ‘Dashboard’ so expect more reviews to come!


Hi @OrcaJord Looks interesting. Three questions:

“Currently, retail investors are not able to access Zopa’s products due to high demand, but potential investors can sign-up online to be notified once Zopa are accepting capital again.”

  1. Is this because most lending is from Institutions? Or because lending demand is outstripping borrower demand?

  2. Do you have any cross platform data? For example comparing Zopa and Funding Circle?

  3. Do you have any data across countries, so that for example one can compare in UK and USA?

Hi @BernardLunn

Thanks for your questions. I’ll take them one at a time.

  1. There’s not enough borrowers to accommodate new investors coming onto the platform just now. This is reflected in the queue and also recent investor rate drops - there’s competition from traditional lenders and banks re-emerging and originating loans.

  2. We don’t currently, unfortunately. We analyse each platform individually, displaying the results in lender profiles with associated qualitative insights. What sort of cross-platform data would you find most useful so I can take it back to our team?

  3. Not at the moment, but again, it could be something we look into. Orchard Platform does a pretty good job of providing analyses on US platforms!

If you haven’t already, feel free to sign up and shoot me a message with your thoughts if you’d like :slight_smile:

Hi @OrcaJord


  1. That is what I am hearing from other sources as well.

  2. Cross platform data would be interesting for borrowers and investors (eg APR and default rates). I appreciate this is hard as it requires some normalization across credit scores, duration etc. However I think both borrowers and investors want this kind of analysis for their decision-making.

  3. The global data is obviously only for investors, but it is a huge deal for them. Today only big global banks can easily decide on allocation to consumers in different markets.

If you can share this sort of data we can give it some air time on Daily Fintech.