Wiki of 21 #Auto #Insurtech Ventures

We found 21 #How-technology-is-transforming-Insurance ventures focussed on Insurance and profiled them here. Who are we missing? Any insights on any of these ventures or the space as a whole?

The 21 Ventures

Venture Category

AccuScore Telematics

DriveWay Telematics

Metromile Telematics

Octo Telematics Telematics

RootInsurance Telematics

TheFloow Telematics

TrueMotion Telematics

Wunelli Telematics

OkChexian Telematics

Acculitx Telematics

DriveSpotter Telematics

Telematic Telematics

Citymile Telematics

Goji Robo Broker

Cuvva Just In Time

CoverHound Comparison

Insurify Comparison

RenewBuy Comparison

TheZebra Comparison

ClaimDi Claims Process

SnapSheet Claims Process

I believe there are few more in the list that have come along including Wefox.