Which Venture will be the first big Insurtech Winner?

Lots have been funded in 2015 and 2016. In 2020 (normal venture gestation period) which of them will be all proclaim with 20/20 vision that “their success was obvious”?

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Two candidates are Lemonade and Oscar.

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I am hoping it is Oscar - health insurance in America needs a shakeup.

interesting to see lemonade on the list when they’ve not yet opened for business…maybe that’s because they’ve a PR machine setting the level of expectation

if they deliver on their promise, then you wouldnt bet against them

The other one to watch is Trov

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Good point Rick, Trov is for real and in the market

The bigger winners will come faster in personal P&C especially auto, than in health. Innovations in P&C are further developed, and even with the advent of the sharing economy and the promise of driverless cars there is still room and time to improve upon what it means to insure your car(s). A “big winner” in health has to overcome the complexity (and life/death nature) of health decisions, redefine the drivers of the business model, and overcome the politics of healthcare in the US. Look to the lessons being learned in online lending for potential insight into insur-tech.


I am also excited by some of the underwriting disruption insurtech’s coming up - they may not get the interest or valuations Oscar has, but they can definitely add value in the ecosystem. Two interesting ones are CoVi and Riovic.


I’m a big fan of both Embroker and Montoux and hope to see those guys succeed.

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montoux is new to me. What do they do?

For the US it is most definitely politics and state law. Insurance agents must register with any state they do business and every state is unique. Not many doctors are digitally affine and a new patient must most often fill out bad copies of paper forms. The big insurance companies use often paper forms as well and as long the whole supply chain is not digital … P&C is a go and much more professional.

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Is there a FinTech doing Title Insurance?

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Hi @BernardLunn,

Montoux is streamlining the product pricing pipeline.

One area I don’t see discussed much is the asset & liability management side of insurance. Montoux is doing some interesting work on the “L” side and we are focused (for the time being) on the “A” side, e.g. balance sheet projections, strategic asset allocation, etc. (which obviously depends on the “L” side).

As a former risk officer and key member of both regional and local asset & liability management committees across Asia, I see some real pain points and opportunities for InsurTech in ALM. Our goal is to seamlessly take insurers from raw data to the boardroom instantly. A process that currently takes teams of 5+ highly skilled risk professionals weeks to achieve (I know, because I was doing it).

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InsureTech to pick the winner needs to be broken down into

B2C which has lots of incumbents and competition, disruption is needed but from a $$$ the key is

B2B InsureTech it will take longer this is very similar to what is happening in AltFi ( P2P was the first winner but its small compared to the equity financing.

B2B will be the ultimate winners in 2017


For me “Lemonade” have / are breaking new ground from the foundations
up. This IMO is the model to follow most others will be assimilated.
Consider this new clean slate Brand partnering with a trusted global
front of till. The Perfect Storm. It is not as ever always the best that
break through but the one/s that partner with front of till.
The big changer is in the hands of the global brand front of till. Take the power of IoT Amazons [Trojan horse] Echo voice command interface (music - play Bob Dylan) the smart tech people are already hacking the Echo to do other things, These are the movements that will further marginalise the financial and insurance groups (Brand). Some years back one could see the writing on the wall when food retailers offered financial/insurance own brand services, now the insurance companies and paid up consultants talk of IoT revenue streams from something they do Not or will control.

The silence (replies ) is deafening. If your not found your brand will die without very deep pockets, the control have moved to front of till brand trust. Very tough on fintechs, I think Lemonade understood the end game. (for now)


Does Lemonade even have a beta? As an InsurTech startup seeking seed capital, I admit I am jealous of their fund raising success when it’s not clear they even have anything yet.

I need to read up some of the P2P articles this forum’s members are writing to understand better, but when I see “P2P Insurance”, I think “mutuals”, which isn’t so revolutionary, but I’m probably missing something,

In a digital world the Lemonade model (mutuals) P2P - B2B has huge potential I would change beta to stealth. Lemonade is not about niche fintec. From a public perspective even the brand name is a well chosen frame. Partnership are crucial.

@Jonathan i am not getting the connection between Echo and P2P Insurance/Lemonade. I think Echo is a great product and a brilliant move by Amazon (once again) and I buy the thesis that you have to hook into whatever distribution the consumer uses. However I am not connecting the dots between that and Insurance.

BernardLunn Your right there is not a direct connection with Echo and Lemonade.

Echo IoT the connecting dots (data) is in the domain of Amazon and its home services brand offers, if I was off on vacation my question to Echo might well be what is the best value like for like travel insurance to India. I am guessing that an in-house aggregate platform for general insurance products is in the customers/Amazons distribution channels best interests ? It will be all about front of till brand trust.

Alexa on loans ?

I did some deep dive on Trov…an amazing customer experience, but from an insurance perspective totally not sustainable. As of today, the collaboration with them by an Incumbent is only a great PR initiative, but they cannot scale up something structurally exposed to an extreme antiselection.
From an insurance point of view, I’m forecasting a better future to Neosurance http://insurtechnews.com/insight/the-italian-startup-neosurance-goes-to-viva-technology-startup-connect.html

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Has “Neosurance” any relationship to the consultancy you represent ? It is also not a good brand name choice