Which Apps create training Data, which are then used in ML?

@Jonathan broadened the conversation on Inventory of UK robo-advisors, by inquiring about Big Data algorthims and Machine learning.
He pointed to a post on ML that is very informative.
As I read this post and realised that we are just starting to see a different use of RDAs (reciprocal Data Applications), the question is whether this has started in financial services.

Are there any Fintechs or Financila instittuions or tech companies (Alibaba types), that are creating Training data through Apps? That simply means, an app that has a call for action and that results in gathering Big data that then can be used in ML algorithms that may generate Alpha for investmets, or improve financial planning ect.

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We are building something along these lines for capital management for banks and insurers. I call it “robo capital management” :slight_smile:

We start with super fast numerical models for balance sheet projections and then generate large “simulated” data sets that can then be used to train a ML algorithm to develop ALM strategies (both investment and products).

This is different than what you’re asking about, but similar enough in spirit I thought I’d mention it :slight_smile: