Daily Fintech Conversations

What’s the problem for ICO to raise the wind?

Really when you start to pitch something new it’s enough just to say hey guys I have something interesting for you to earn. It’s good for the first, second, third ICO, but then it ends. During all of these three-four-more times, everybody who wanted fast and real money has already participated. And then there are people who want to earn don’t know how, why and try to understand. At this point, fintech companies lose their ICO.
Nobody knows what you do
Nobody knows you
Nobody knows what’s happening at the market — there is no good analytic — well, there is no any kind of analytic.
Nobody knows the difference between you and other companies that make ICO
Even you don’t know the difference between your and other companies, do you?
This market changes very fast and 6 months ago it was enough just to start, now you need to explain.

ICO are finished…

The Wild Wild West of ICO are now done and we are moving into TAO

Really I don’t think so, but I think it’s changing, yes

Each country around the globe is shutting down Utility Tokens, and secondary markets.

Also here is the death of the ICO

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google have banned advertising for ICO or crypto currencies.
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Enough is enough !!!