What metrics should early stage ventures report on and could inline XBRL direct from ERP help?

Financial reporting for mature companies is pretty well established, with a focus on measures of profitability such as PE, EBITDA, Free Cash Flow, etc.

In earlier stage ventures, there is still a need to report to investors and other stakeholders but the metrics are different:

Pre Revenue (MVP to PMF)

A. Use of Funds e.g. what % to Dev vs Sales/Maketing vs G&A.
B. Burn Rate, runway
C. Pre Revenue metrics of attention (these change all the time and are business model dependent)

Pre Profitable (Scale phase)

Revenue growth:

A. Q-Q Revenue growth
B. Gross Margin
C. Operating Leverage
D. When forecast to break into positive cash flow.

Post MVP every venture will have some ERP system (probably a low cost, easy to use one like Xero). So it should not be too hard to get it to spit out Inline XBRL reports that can be read by both humans and machines.