Welcome to the DIM Ecosystem Initial Coin Offering, the Future of Equity on the Blockchain

The DIM Ecosystem is an evolution in cryptocurrency, it offers financial products and
services that allow the user to engage in a multitude of digital interactions.
The DIM Ecosystem will allow individuals and businesses to conduct state-of-the-art
encrypted transactions, send, receive, trade, manage company shares and assets in
online wallets. This will enable crypto stock trading and equity tokenization, on
computers, mobile devices or via password-encrypted paper certificates.
DIMCOIN will host a Pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) starting on the 1st of July, 2017 at
12:00 CET until the 15th of July at 23:59 CET. The ICO will start on the 16th of July at
00:00 CET until the 27th of August at 23:59 CET. Each 100 DIMCOIN purchased during
the ICO will receive 1 DIM TOKEN. A total of 1.74 billion DIMCOIN, including the bonuses
and the 10 million DIM TOKEN that will be allocated for purchase by investors during the
The DIM TOKEN gives investors holding more than 50 DIM TOKEN some unique and
exclusive benefits within the DIM Ecosystem, which are voting rights and a percentage of
fees. The DIM TOKEN are an opportunity to earn lifetime recurring income based on
Phase 1 (Pre-ICO) starts with a 30% BONUS, resulting in 1$ = 100 DIMCOIN ($ 0.01 per 1
DIMCOIN) + 30 DIMCOIN BONUS + 1 DIM TOKEN. The ICO bonus will decrease until the
end of the DIM TOKEN sale. Once the first funding goal of $10 million has been reached,
there will be a dynamic price offer of $0.02 up to $0.12 per DIMCOIN. After $30 million
has been reached, the price offer will be locked at $0.12 until all allocated coins have
been purchased. The DIMCOIN will be listed and traded on major cryptocurrency
exchanges around the world, starting in the 4th Quarter of 2017.
DIMCOIN is built using NEM blockchain technology, which offers a unique two-tier
design using node reputation, spam protection, and incentivised infrastructure through
supernodes, all to ensure transparent and secure online trading and transactions. With
NEM as a foundation, DIMCOIN will revolutionise the industry of financial services and
deliver a state-of-the-art ecosystem platform for assets and services.
Learn more about DIMCOIN and subscribe for updates on: www.dimcoin.io
DIMCOIN. Tomorrow. Today.

Hi @Precious welcome to Fintech Genome. We welcome people launching ICOs and ITOs here. I did find the pitch rather confusing and I did go to the site to watch the video. Too many different entities. Plus these things concerned me:

  • no White Paper
  • np code in Github
  • no cap on raise
  • no team bios

I know we are in the world of move fast and break things, but I think you need a bit more to launch an ICO. What am I missing?

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Hi Bernard.

Thank you for the reply and apologies for the state of the first message.

I would love to clear some things up:
The white paper, technical paper as well other supporting documents that may help. All of your concerns are on the website including the team bios and linked in accounts. I would like to connect you with our marketing officer if possible for any further questions that you may have.

Kindly let me know if you would like to connect because we are interested in being listed and are already listed on many others. I assure you that we are legit and again, apologise for the state of the initial message.

hi @Precious good to hear that. We are big supporters of ITOs done right. If you can link to that data in your site or copy it here that would be great. I am sure it is there, but escaped y attention as I am sure it would do for others in a hurry. I am happy to chat offline, but really prefer to engage in this public forum so that all Fintech Genome Members can benefit.

Hi Berard,

Thats fine, please see the links below:
Website – https://www.dimcoin.io
Whitepaper --/https://www.dimcoin.io/DIMCOIN-whitepaper-V12.pd
Tech whitepaper–https://www.dimcoin.io/TECH-WHITEPAPER-DIM-ECOSYSTEM-V04-21062017.pdf