Wanted to introduce TerraManta

Briefly, I am CEO of TerraManta, an early stage software company based Irvine, CA.

TerraManta helps investors reduce economic risks by providing deeper insights from analysis of growing volume of unstructured data using Natural Language Processing and machine learning technology.

Our first product: TerraManta for Crude Oil. By combining analysis of fundamental factors and geo political drivers, TerraManta provides customers with more accurate information about longer term volatility of crude oil prices. Two hedge funds and a major investment bank began using our software on a trial basis. The team is currently working on a major new release of TerraManta for Crude Oil with predictive analytics.

Short demo of TerraManta for Crude Oil can be viewed at http://demo.terramanta.com

Very interested in connecting with anyone who monitors crude oil prices or trades oil futures.

Leon Kotovich

hi @cfm56d7b welcome to Fintech Genome. It looks interesting. Looping in @Efi as this is more in her domain. My quick take is from event to strategy to trade. Two thoughts/qusstions:

  1. It looks like it could apply outside crude oil. Is that domain just market entry?

  2. What is distribution? How do traders find the service?

If you can change your ID to your real name it makes conversations easier. Addressing cfm58d7b seems weird. Is that your pet robot?

Hi @BernardLunn ,

Thank you. cfm56d7b is just a profile. I did not know that my full name would not be displayed. Just changed it.

Yes, the technology has been built to work as 3 components: a) domain model which describes key entries, relationships, and data sources, b) structured data sources, and c) unstructured data sources.

Crude oil is only the first focus area.

Right now, TerraManta for Crude Oil is available as a subscription. In this market, we prefer warm introductions which almost always work better.

@Efi i and I tried to connect earlier. I am working to reschedule it.


@Leon_Kotovich We help firms like yours find new hedge fund clients. Would be happy to set up a time to chat.