Two Hard Questions about PSD2 my Clients are Asking Me:

Dear Colleagues,
My students at my “PSD2 and API Banking” training program have asked my 2 very hard questions. Please find these uploaded here! Can you help answering?

Many thanks!!!

@DavidGyori I can see these are real use cases and that is great. I am not sure if this is a regulatory question or a technical question. I suspect it is regulatory in the sense that somebody needs to say to the bank yes or no that this is allowed under the rules. I assume that is somebody at the EEC who is responsible for PSD2. Does their site give you that info? If not, I suggest we track down the right person and get them to come to this thread to answer the question - sounds like a question that a lot of people will be looking to get answered.

My other thought is that SCA ties to digital identity and there is a lot of innovation/change in that space (see Civic ICO as example). But maybe the SCA rules are clear and how to do it is clear and will accommodate future innovation in digital identity?