Try out Sentifi app: Utilize the crowd-intelligence to monitor your assets

Hi there,

My name is Huan Vo, and I’m the Head of the Community Engagement team at Sentifi. If you’re not familiar with what we do, here’s a quick rundown: we harness the financial insights from the crowd and give everyone access to those insights to monitor their portfolio. You can check us out at

But here’s the good part. We’ve just recently released an iOS app, which notifies you about things that happen to your stocks, commodities, currencies such as M&A, Product Recall, Lawsuit, Brexit… that our algorithm detects from millions of tweets, news and blogs over the Internet daily.

And I would like to invite you to give it a try. You can download it here:

You can give us your feedback here:

Please give the app a try and help us improve the app and the experience. We will have a little special gift for those who use the app and give us feedback. If you have any question, feel free to list it below. Thank you!

@huan.vo I am trying it out. Part of research into shorting stocks, looking for what the crowd thinks.

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Hi Bernand, thank you for giving the app a try. If you have any question about the app or Sentifi, please email me at Thanks again!

hi @huan.vo happy to give my feedback in public as that is what Fintech Genome is all about. I can see two types of use. The first is Discovery - to find stocks worth researching to go Long or Short with i.e. to build a short list. The second is Research - digging into a stock already on your short list. My use case is more the latter as I already have my short list. Then I am interested to get quantitive data about what the crowd thinks about a particular stock that may not already be reflected in the price.

Does that make sense? Am I using Sentifi in the way it was intended?

Hi @BernardLunn, what you described is perfectly one of many ways Sentifi can be utilized. Btw, can you please note your feedback here for my App team to have a record of it and improve it accordingly? Thank you!

@BernardLunn Another good use for Research is that you can see how the crowd reacted to a certain big event that happened to a particular company. So if that event happens again in the future, you can catch the pattern and react before the market does.

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My investing style is quirky (which I hope is an advantage, I am not going with the herd), so I am sure that what I look for is not a mainstream use. Having said that, here is some feedback based on two companies that interest me:

• Lending Club: I can see that once the news cycle is past, Sentifi is less useful. The Lending Club news cycle was in May/June. Now they in the “boring” phase of building a business (which is good if you invest on fundamentals as I do, but I can see this is not Sentifi’s sweet spot).

• Wells Fargo. This is currently in the news cycle. I typically use Google Alerts and Twitter to see the timeline. It was valuable to have both of those in one place. Some of the news items had too many false positives ie stories that mention Wells Fargo but that are only peripherally about them. That looks like a simple text match search.

The New Event Alerts looks useful ie it is not just news/tweets with lots of overlap. That looks like something that may influence sentiment (thus useful) but not directly sentiment.

What I looked for and could not find is an indicator of consumer sentiment. This matters in stocks like these that are used by consumers (would not matter to say Exxon or IBM). Consumer sentiment drives Regulatory risk (which you do track). I maybe simply looking in the wrong place.

I saw one data point that interested me - 96% Tweets, 4% News and 0% Blogs. Looks like Twitter is the place to mine sentiment. Methinks journalists & bloggers do this, so Twitter is the fundamental source. What i was hoping for was a Positive/Negative rating from Consumers by stock.

Hi @BernardLunn, thank you for your feedback. It’s super helpful. I have forwarded the feedback to my team at Sentifi, and we are planning some upgrades to the app and our Topic pages using your feedbacks. Please feel free to send me more of your thoughts. Thank you!

@huan.vo you are welcome. Encourgage your team to join conversations here. We built this as a way for innovators to connect with their market.

@BernardLunn Would you please show me how to invite people to join?

use Invite button at the bottom of this post