This is what we observed from #SIBOS 2015 in Singapore

  1. Fintech is leaving the Yellow Brick Road and going to Kansas - it is getting practical and realistic with more deals and less rhetoric.

  2. The one subject that got heads nodding in both echo chambers (Fin talking to Fin and Tech talking to Tech) was the move to real time.

  3. Blockchain is at the top of the hype cycle; now it either delivers results or becomes a footnote in tech history.

  4. The dream of the great core system renewal turns into the nightmare of end of life maintenance.

  5. The credit cycle will not save traditional lending models; the challenges are the same for Incumbents and Upstarts.

  6. Correspondent Banking will survive the transition to real time and SIBOS will always be key to Correspondent Banking.

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Lets see what the conversations are in Geneva this week.