The Yirendai (YRD) stock rally; What say you?

Yirendai has more than tripled in the last couple of months. It has completed decoupled from the other publicly traded marketplace lenders.

The company IPO’d last December at $10 (ADR) and tanked 70%. Right now, it is trading $33+!

Yirendai is a Chinese consumer online marketplace. CreditEase is its parent private company that operates with an online-offline type of business model in China.
Lending Times analysed the stock thoroughly in May and concluded that it was overvalued at $11.90.

What say you about this company that is into Chinese subprime lending, uses an offline-online business model (Credit Ease has a significant physical presence)?

Yes it has gone up far more than Lending Club. A bet on Chinese consumer vs American consumer? Better listen to LendiIt China videos to learn:

Lending Times has a good analysis on this:

Unaudited and public is a strange combo. Lending Times has a good analysis on this:

It has been two quarters that YRD has reported.
Financial statments can be found at

Both are unaudited. See also press release

The ADR lisitng is on NASDAQ. I assume the audited statements are delayed?

Do the rules allow that? I just assumed NASDAQ or NYSE means audited