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The Pillar project and the upcoming PLR token sale

Dear genomers,

We’re getting ready for a big ICO in summer. It’s a big project. We want it to be successful. I am looking for anyone who will read our white paper and give feedback. Please send your email to me and I’ll send you an invitation: david@2030.io



@davids You could do a public review process here on Fintech Genome i.e. issue an early draft here. If you want private process I think you need to tell people a bit about the subject/purpose. Just saying its an ICO is not enough methinks

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We have had about 100 reviewers. Our upcoming ICO is for the Pillar Project, a wallet that will become the personal data locker, serving as the dashboard for our digital lives. Based on the early reviews, we have several people asking for a pre-sale, which will probably take place end of June. Anyone interested please contact me for an invitation to the white paper: david@2030.io

The Pillar PLR tokens are now available on a pre-sale basis (only 2% of tokens are available for pre-sale). The 60 hour token sale starts on July 15.

The main points around the Pillar token sale

The Pillar Token (PLR) sale aims to raise $25-$50 million to build the open-source personal-data ecosystem, the Pillar Wallet. The Token Sale will take place over 60 hours, on July 15, 2017.

The team has had a strong focus on designing a token sale that is transparent and has preset limits at many levels. The aim is to serve as an example that can be used to self-regulate future token sales. The steps that have been taken are:

(a) US IP addresses are blocked from the ICO sale.
(b) There will be 800mil tokens issued and 70% will be for sale to the public (560mil). Token sale will end when 560 million tokens are sold or the block limit is reached, whichever comes first.
© The remaining 30% are allocated as follows:
a. 2% (60mil tokens) will be offered in the presale phase (currently live)
b. 24 million (3%) will be used to pay people who helped with the sale and will be locked up for 9 months in a smart contract.
c. 80 million (10%) will go to Twenty Thirty AG and will be locked up for 9 months in a smart contract.
d. 120 million (15%) will be reserved for liquidity, later sale, giving to entrepreneurs to build on the system, contests, or transfer to a consortium. These tokens will be iced for 3 years if the sale meets its cap.
e. All unsold tokens in the presale and sale will go on ice for ten years.

See detailed terms and conditions here

Enjoy the value proposition of the Pillar project

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Awesome, thanks!

David Siegel
Come see: www.pillarproject.io
www.2030.io and www.tokenfactory.io
On LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/siegelventures
On Twitter: @pullnews
Skype: davidsiegel

Here is an interesting article on Pillar Project -

Twenty Thirty launches Pillar Project Token Sale

hi @davids I totally get the 2030 vision and buy into it. How do we get from here to there? What is the pain point being solved for early adopters?

Hi Bernard,

The history of the personal data locker is long and storied, with many projects funded and then closed. Our first goal is to create a wallet and sell the vision and brand stability behind the wallet. Then we want people around the world to develop for our platform. Remember - we don’t have apps, we have services, so we’ll be working very hard on user experience and customer adoption. That’s really our main goal. Then, as more and more companies come on board, we will deliver the pillar wallet OEM version for them to plug into their systems. This will replace their user accounts but everything else will function more or less normally.

We are looking for partners - companies that can see the vision and want to contribute to our open-source effort. Here’s a piece I wrote recently for businesses like banks, brokerages, insurance companies, and software vendors:


We would love to have a conversation here about what businesspeople would like to see from us and how we can collaborate.



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Here’s a fun interview I did with CoinFund yesterday:

Enjoy it!

And this is the two-minute explainer video for those who want the hit-and-run version:

The Pillar token pre-sale has been succesfully completed in 40min.

At 8pm UK time tonight (Thursday the 13th) you can ask the CEO of the Pillar Project David Siegel (@davids ) any questions.
The token sale starts on Saturday.
The focus is equally in your participation in the community and not only your funding. Join the online Q&A tonight to understand more.

It is saying “video is unavailable”

We’re 12 hours away from the Pillar token sale! If you’re not on the mailing list, come to www.pillarproject.io and sign up. If you want to participate, see www.pillarproject.io/purchase

We are a team of about 40 volunteers from around the world. We sold our $4 million presale last Wednesday in 34 minutes, with over 2,000 transactions that did not get in. Our token sale could go quickly, but we have $50 million worth of tokens available tomorrow, so you have a good chance.

We have no investors. We have financed our entire project using volunteer power and paying in future Pillar tokens.

Thank you for your consideration.

The one word that encapsulates it all today (the first day of the token sale) is INSPIRATION.

I have been getting messages on Linkedin continuously from people around the world wanting to connect as they join the Pillar community.

This ICO may be the first that is mainly supported by the natural buyers! Right @davids?

Amazing community building. The Pillar Project team has inspired small investors.
$13mil raised in 2hours today 15th of July.


Amazing success, well done guys @davids @Efi

What an amazing process! Join tonight the community!

The Pillar team will host a live webcast this evening at 7:00 PM London UK time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL_s2qq9Z2o). This is a big meeting to kick-off the future Pillar online community.

Media Information
July 18 2017

Pillar Token Sale Raises $21 million for Personal Data Locker

Twenty Thirty founder David Siegel

The 60-hour Pillar Token sale, (which closed at about 9:00 PM UK-time on Monday July 17) run by Twenty Thirty (https://2030.io/), the Swiss blockchain innovation company, has raised 113,674 Ether, valued at $21.21 million with 13,446 transactions, making the average transaction 8.45 Ether (about $1,500).
The Pillar project is the brainchild of David Siegel, whose 2010 book, Pull (Penguin), described a future with no apps and with the personal data locker at the centre of people’s lives.
Speaking following a livestreaming YouTube broadcast, he said, “This may be the most successful grassroots fundraising in blockchain history. Most big token sales this year have been snapped up by a small number of “bitcoin whales” with transactions worth millions of dollars, yet ours had almost no large transactions. It was similar to Ethereum’s own crowd sale in 2014.”
The funds from the Pillar token sale (http://pillarproject.io), will be used to create the “universal smart wallet.” The Pillar Wallet will hold people’s assets and become their personal digital assistant, powering all of their devices.
David Siegel, a serial entrepreneur who has started 21 previous companies, said “I spent years speaking to VCs about the personal data locker. I even wrote a book about it, and nobody was interested in a platform approach. They said it was too big, too hard, too futuristic.
“Things came together this spring with the blockchain, tokens, crowdfunding, and an amazing group of volunteers who were attracted to the ideas. The more I talked and wrote about it, the more people came. I don’t manage them – they self-manage, like a hive. We don’t have any board of directors, managers, or formal structure. We financed the three-month effort of more than 60 people by paying them in future tokens – we didn’t spend a dollar of our own money. If people are already having meetups about your future system based on a white paper and a crowdsale, that’s a good sign.”
The campaign received much of its support from people on YouTube. From big YouTube personalities with tens of thousands of viewers to people getting out and making their own Pillar videos in several languages, YouTube was the communication medium of choice. “I was doing YouTube interviews from 8:00AM to midnight,” said Siegel. "We were amazed how effective it was and quickly shifted our focus to video, even live-streaming the launch and close of our token sale event. Crypto-influencers on YouTube included Jake Brukhman from Coin Fund, Avi Mizrahi from Finance Magnates, Joe (JSnip4) from Realist News, Mike B, Austin Angler, Bitcoin Cryptomodenas, Jay Stillman, Sebastian Jago and SleepWoke.

An important part of the project’s appeal is the design of the system, which will give individuals complete ownership and control over their personal data. Data privacy and hacking are becoming increasing concerns, both for large organizations and consumers.

The Pillar wallet will turn the current paradigm around, so individuals own all their data, and the open-source wallet helps them work with it as their personal digital assistant. No company will own or control their data. Consumers are free to choose the services they want without being ‘trapped’ in apps and web sites.

The Pillar system will use its own native utility token, called the pillar (symbol: PLR). David Siegel said, “Digital tokens are everywhere – they’re in all your digital devices already. Putting them on the blockchain means you own them, and that gives you the control in your relationship with companies and governments. Blockchain-based tokens will soon be used for everything, from currency to identity to energy to coffee to golf.”

Entrepreneur Richard D Titus, a former Samsung executive, said, “Pillar will be the new platform for digital natives. It replaces the Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook domination of our devices. This is a world changer.”

To date, Pillar has been entirely staffed by a group of global volunteers, from 13 time-zones who are part of the Twenty Thirty blockchain community. As well as David Siegel, the founders include Tomer Sofinzon from Israel, Yogesh Gaikwad from India and Vitor Py from Brazil.

The team will soon set up London’s first blockchain innovation centre.

The Pillar team will host a live webcast this evening at 7:00 PM London UK time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL_s2qq9Z2o). This is a big meeting, thank you and kick-off for the future Pillar online community.


20|30 website: https://2030.io/
Pillar Project website: http://pillarproject.io
The story of the Pillar project: https://theascent.biz/the-story-of-the-pillar-project-bc7a653c8931
The story of the Pillar token sale: https://hackernoon.com/twenty-years-and-three-months-to-create-an-overnight-sensation-cf7190df871b
Pillar video channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaYDrkAMD2k
Video explaining the Pillar Wallet: https://youtu.be/cl2aNk72TUc


Please contact Adam Betteridge at adam@famouspublicity.com, Steven Hanlon at steven@famouspublicity.com or Tina Fotherby at tina@famouspublicity.com or call +44 (0)333 344 2341 for further information.

About David Siegel

As well as being the co-creator of Pillar (https://pillarproject.io/) David Siegel (https://www.linkedin.com/in/siegelventures/), is a founder of Twenty Thirty AG, a corporation registered in Zug, Switzerland. He is a web pioneer, author, and serial entrepreneur. He is the world’s first web designer, started one of the world’s first web-design agencies, and sold it to KPMG. He was a figure in the semantic web movement and is now a central player in the blockchain world. In 2016, he was a candidate to become the next dean of Stanford business school. His work is at dsiegel.com.

About 20|30

The founders of Twenty Thirty (https://2030.io/), are building a worldwide community to create the decentralized networked world that will be mainstream in the year 2030.