The Future Of General Insurance Products?

Will the future of general insurance products be aggregate/comparison platforms ?
IMO front of till will best serve the customer [B2B - P2P] and the front of till brand (trust) through voice activation IoT platforms with like 4 like price comparison platforms [Alexa Echo, Uber, Google Payments, Apple Siri]
Fintechs and established groups are working on real time energy aggregate platforms as an inevitable consequence of smart meters/energy clamps and energy use analytics. One does not need to read the runes to see the future
[ ] Brands have to be seen to be heard, partnerships, mergers and a cull of consultants is long overdue ?

Ask any B2B - P2P this question. Would you use a like 4 like aggregate / price comparison platform search ?

Financial brands will require deep pockets to be found: Alex Echo !! :

My first look at Googll’s Beyond The Map My first thoughts were how these technologies can change local area business / communities and how access to those possibly uninsured visible channels impact on the future.