The future of earned media (or how PR can drive the future of content marketing)

The future of earned media (or how PR can drive the future of content marketing)

We love PR. No really, even though we run a media business that stands in front of the PR firehose, we are also entrepreneurs who understand how critical the PR job is. In the post-adblocker world it is even more important. If you cannot buy effective online advertising (which is true in complex knowledge intensive markets such as Fintech) you have to earn media.

Traditionally earned media meant convincing journalists to write about your company. On the Fintech Genome you earn media more directly by creating knowledge that is valued by your peers in the community by:

  • answering a question by contributing to an existing topic
  •   offering an insight/opinion on an existing topic
  • asking a question that starts a new topic
  • editing a wiki to contribute new data
  •  creating a wiki that sets the baseline data for community edits.

You can also offer fully researched articles/research,if you have the time.

You might also meet journalists on the Fintech Genome. It is one source where they come to learn.

Content is rated by your peers in the global Fintech community, so that the “the good stuff floats on top”. This fixes a big problem with content marketing (which has mushroomed post-adblockers). Without the constraints of editorial independence, content marketing became thinly disguised marketing materials that users learned to tune out along with the ads. On the Fintech Genome you have to engage in conversation (meaning that you listen more than talk - two ears, one mouth) and really add value in order to get attention and there is no Editor or Publisher who can be influenced. The judgement of whether content is good or bad rests with the community. So everybody is motivated to add value to the whole community.