The fintech rating agency - more transparency for innovation to strive

A rating agency for startups and SMEs. Why, How, What you may ask. Let’s get straight to it:

WHY - To bring more transparency to an increasingly complex startup ecosystem, where investors/corporates need more granular understanding of a venture to guide their innovation and engagement strategy, and where entrepreneurs need relevant feedback to pivot fast, access market, and deploy.

HOW - By rating early stage ventures’ non-financial metrics: the management, product/service and ecosystem.

WHAT - Benefits: for investors and corporates, to identify the most relevant innovation, and understand whether a startup has the potential to grow. For entrepreneurs, to finally get a free outlook at the state of development of their business, and have independent feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

CEO Antoine Baschiera recently spoke to Business Insider to discuss Early Metrics’ activities, and why its time to professionalize the analysis of startups:

I’d be interested to have the Fintech Genome community’s thoughts.


Interesting idea. I guess it comes down to the rating ‘method’ and how you understand/interpret the corporate’s strategic/innovation goals.

I had a nice chat with Camron from their London office, who tells me we’re to have a 2-hour meeting to get rated. There’s no cost for the startup, apparently. I’ll report back as we travel through the process

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Hi @Soline welcome to Fintech Genome. Is this like a digital version of what innovation scouts do - float up interesting ventures to look at for investors and strategic partners. The concept sounds interesting. Can you share some output ie what it would look to somebody in a Fund or Bank/Insurer?

Hi Bernard,

Thank you for your message.
The core of our business is not “scouting” but assessing startups.
Happy to show you some reports extracts and answer your questions in a
skype call.
I am available Thursday 22nd between 9-11am UK time if that suits.


@riskopy_mike how was the process of engaging with Early metrics?

@Soline I prefer to have the conversation here. I totally understand if you don’t want to issue anything publicly, but I am not sure what to do with confidential information. Have you cloned a VC and put him or her into an AI bot? There are so many soft aspects (assessing humans is still, thankfully, hard for an AI bot). Depends on the stage I guess. Once there are traction metrics it is a lot easier.

Hi Bernard, no we have not cloned a VC (not sure they would be happy with
the idea), but as you say, we measure the soft aspects of the business. We
believe they provide a better foundation to understand the potential of
growth for startups compared to financial metrics, which are forecasts by


Ok @Soline you have me intrigued :sunglasses: If you measure the soft aspects is there some AI magic (the bot interviewing an entrepreneur). Or is it based on a few humans in your organization? (in which case how do you scale it?) Or is there a crowdsourcing model? Or is it all too secret to tell us yet?

It’s human analysis, by humans analysing humans. We don’t use bots but
collect and track the data. The idea at this stage is to grow and to focus
on the qualitative aspect of the business. Nothing is secret in this world,
not even conversations between a President and his former FBI Director :slight_smile:


Got it - and got a good chuckle from the last comment :heart_eyes:

Can you share some output?

Please send your email address at