The Crypto Consortium certifications for professionals

Does anybody have an opinion on the certifications of the non-profit

The Board of Directors is heavy-weight:
The following people work to set the direction of C4 and the standards against which cryptocurrency professionals are measured:
Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas is the author of Mastering Bitcoin, CTO of Third Key Solutions and a prolific Bitcoin speaker. Andreas has briefed governmental bodies about Bitcoin and served as a champion to Bitcoin since he was introduced to the technology.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik is the inventor of the Ethereum Project, a next-generation cryptocurrency designed with advanced programmability and customization in mind. Vitalik is an editor for Bitcoin Magazine and a contributor to Bitcoin Core. He has been invited to speak internationally on topics including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and information theory.

Joshua McDougall

Joshua’s dedication to the legal support industry has afforded him the opportunity to spread cryptocurrency understanding to top law firms in Canada. He is also a co-founder of Coindroids, a role playing game played entirely within cryptocurrency blockchains.

Pamela Morgan

Pamela is an attorney, entrepreneur, and educator. She is CEO and founder of Third Key Solutions and founder and attorney at Empowered Law PLLC. She advises numerous organizations in the Bitcoin, blockchain, and education spaces and regularly speaks at events around the world on topics including law, education, entrepreneurship.

Michael Perklin

Michael is Head of Security and Investigative Services at Ledger Labs Inc., a blockchain consulting firm operating out of Toronto, Canada. Michael is also board member of The Bitcoin Foundation and a founding member and director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC) where he had the opportunity to brief the Canadian Senate about the investigative impacts of Bitcoin technology. Michael has been invited to speak internationally on topics including digital forensics, information security, and Bitcoin security.

Faculty of Advisors
The following people use their industry experience and knowledge to help ensure C4 exams are accurate measures of cryptocurrency knowledge:

Gerald Cotten, CEO of QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Exchange
Steve Dakh, author of KryptoKit and RushWallet
Charles Hoskinson, Director of the Bitcoin Education Project
Richard Kiss, author of pycoin
Jonathan Mohan, organizer of BitcoinNYC
Piotr Piasecki, Chief Scientist at Provable Inc.
Jamie Robinson, CEO of QuickBT
Jason Rumney, Director, Intelletec
Peter Todd, Bitcoin Core Developer
Ethan Wilding, Ledger Labs

Hi Efi, I happened to find a few founders in India bitcoin exchange space showcasing this certification as a credential. Hence, if anyone knows if this is worth a certification to be paid for…that would be nice.

Interesting find @Efi @rohmenon welcome to Fintech Genome. Bringing in @Karunk24 who knows India and @louishatzis who covers Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto. Two observations:

  1. The Educational resources have not been updated since 2014. Its hard to keep this up to date with a market as dynamic as this.

  2. I doubt this carries much weight with investors. That needs either a self regulatory code of conduct or some old-fashioned regulatory oversight.

  3. I suspect employers will be more concerned with potential employees showing something they have built/made happen and that Certificates carry less weight.

@BernardLunn Thank you for your insights.

Indians (myself included) generally like to be overeducated. It’s a cultural thing to demonstrate expertise through certificates and degrees rather than experience. One doesn’t need to have a bitcoin certification to prove expertise in crypto currencies. Just download the blockchain on to your laptop and get on with the coding!!

I don’t think organisations would rate crypto currency certification more than relevant experience like an open source project!! Especially at the rate the field is evolving, by the time you set the syllabus for the certification it’s already outdated twice!!

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It is not about crypto but fintech. Anyone heard of this certification?

@Consultant I suggest you go to this thread which has more on Fintech MOOCs and certifications

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