Tell us what Categories you want

We want the Fintech Genome taxonomy to be both dynamic and highly curated.

Let me break that down.

Dynamic means we want new Categories that reflect what you in the community are interested in.

By highly curated I mean that Moderators will choose/create new Categories after taking the pulse of the community. We want to avoid the free for all of communities like Reddit where anybody can create a SubReddit. We think that ends up being confusing for readers.

For example, we recently created a Category for Neobanks after asking whether Neobanks or Challenger Banks is a better term. (We can easily change a Category name if needed, nothing else changes)

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One subject that has received remarkably little attention on the banking side of the fintech discussion so far has been risk management. Risk management both as mitigating potential threats to the new business models and as an opportunity to deliver new or improved risk management solutions using new technological approaches (aka #risktech).

Improved risk management is cited sometimes as a benefit of blockchain platforms (reducing settlement risk) but in general it seems to occupy substantially less mindshare among the fintech community than what it enjoys in the regulated financial sector.

A related domain that might have a more recognizable hashtag is #regtech.

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I would love to see a category for alternative data - these are data sets being used in finance from non traditional sources (unlike Bloomberg). Here is a great summary of the topic:

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@Philippos I totally agree that Risk management has not been talked about alot in the digitization of financial services. Neither on the B2B level (i.e. internal risk management) nor on the B2C level (i.e. risk-adjusted returns). The only area that has had some air time, relates to regulatory reporting and capital adequacy rules.

So, there is lots to be done on the risk management front. But I guess first the low hanging fruit and compliance.

I also want to add, that we will be facing NEW risks that didnt exist before in the financial system. We havent even identified them but we can start from understanding that GRC needs to be real-time and able to quantify the complexity of the relationships in a sharing economy, with open APIs, and platform business models.

@jnmadden Alternative data or Unstructured non-financial Data is a big one for investing for credit profiling and risk management.

Big Data WealthTech as a Category name?

Alternative Data I think is the better term to include the “secondary sources” of data I refer to in this post “What Data feeds your robo-advisor?” but also all sorts of consumer banking patterns that can be deciphered from customer data.

I would also like to see a category of Fintech Books. We could start with a list and then include reviews from the community.

Alt Data maybe a shorter moniker like AltFi and Alt Right.