Swiss Start Up Weekend October 7 -9

_**Start Up weekend: Become the future**_, by David Hamilton CEO of eWise

We’re opening up our Account Aggregation API’s to developers at Start Up Weekend Fintech Geneva, enabling participants to create next-generation financial services.

During the weekend (October 7-9,) local entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to create a FinTech startup from scratch.

Anyone is welcome to pitch their business idea during a 54-hour marathon of business creation, coding, designing, and market validation.

From creating new ways of budgeting, speeding up online loan approval, to tracking wealth, I’m excited to see what participating developers will do with our Aegis platform, because when we push the boundaries in Fintech, we not only create new businesses, we also create opportunities to reshape finance.

The Aegis platform will provide developers with access to our patented Personal Data Vault and our Account Aggregation API, allowing them to connect easily to major Swiss banks such as UBS, PostFinance and Credit Suisse.

As a co-sponsor with a seat on the judging panel, it’s a pleasure to support the event and boost Switzerland’s impressive start-up scene. Joining me as judges are leading figures from Alphametry, HEIG-VD, Vecchio Avocats and Fintech Fusion.

The weekend will culminate with presentations in front of the judging panel where we’ll feedback on the ideas presented to us. I’ll be looking for creativity and pragmatism, technology that can scale up while safeguarding data privacy.

Winners will receive three months of business development mentoring from HEIG-VD and the opportunity to showcase their FinTech idea at NipConf16.

Swiss Start Up Weekend begins on Friday October 7 and will run through the weekend at Fintech Fusion, Avenue de la Praille 50, Carouse.

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Thank you @aclare for showcasing Aegis platform form ewise.
We all look forward to an update from the weekend.
Tell us also more about the Aegis platorm. What is its focus, aim?

The eWise Aegis platform is the technology that underpins eWise’s patented client-side data aggregation and the Personal Data Vault.

Aegis therefore enables a secure connection with a user’s financial accounts, safely aggregating this information on the user’s chosen device with the eWise Personal Data Vault, rather than in the cloud or through repeated interactions between the client (for example a personal browser) and an external server.

Through Aegis, consumers, businesses and investors are empowered to safely aggregate, store, manage and share their sensitive financial information.

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