Standardized visualisation - true and fair view - compliance

Our USP is your benefit: compare business key figures while using a standardized visualisation. “Same things should look same” with a true and fair view.

Get an idea at a glance about your competitors or about your business compared to the market development.

How to do that?
Analyze XBRL based reporting (e.g. read from SEC)…pimp it with our standardized charts (high graphical excellence) and geht the result: the most comprehensible reports ever…and satisfied stakeholders.

Following the old Chinese wisdom “A picture is worth a thousand words”, Data Visualization is the key – because it refers to the graphical resp. pictorial/diagrammed representation of information.
This method helps to understand huge amounts of data and to gain precise insights even from many terabytes. Studies show that the human brain is able to interpret and understand visualized data (e. g. charts or graphs) much faster than data listed conventionally in a tabular way.

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