Social trading in the US?

I want to experiment with social trading but both and are not open to US folks. I found and which are. Are there others?

EDIT: Just found this:

Check -> it’s a Canadian company but I think they accept US residents :slight_smile:

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Check WhoTrades

Yeah, check, we have a variety of products:

  1. WhoTrades feed - the social part of trading, totally customizable feed where you can subscribe to successful traders, analysts, publishers and get the most actionable news from the market
  2. Best Trades section - aggregated information from real trading accounts, where you can find the strategies that fit your market vision
  3. WhoTrades Marketplace - if you want to show off your portfolio, you can connect your real trading account with the marketplace and set up a subscription price. We will handle the payments and live-stream your trades to your subscribers. You don’t need to pay anything when you sign up, at the moment we don’t charge anything for processing the payments from your subscriber to you either.

If you have any questions, you can send a message to and we will get back to you asap.