Smart Dynamic Routing | Automated Payment processing by Techforce Infotech

SMART DYNAMIC ROUTING is a web application which built to identify the best possible payment gateway based on incoming transaction details, merchant preferences and past performance of payment gateways. This is built on rule based engine which allows to automate the gateway selection process as per various rules and their precedence.

One of the biggest factors that can influence Fintech Industry ( cart / E-commerce / etc…) is the failure of transactions. It is commonly experienced that when we are making an online transaction, suddenly something goes wrong and the transaction fails due to unknown reasons. What are those reasons and what is the best way to control them? Smart Dynamic Routing is one of the most innovative and smart payment gateway solutions that positively impact the transaction success rates of an online business and helps the online customer breeze through the entire process of buying.

Techforce Infotech having a technical expert which provides innovative solutions to existing and new customers to create and adjust smart routing rules, ensuring fast and reliable implementation.

Our smart tools make payment gateway integration intelligent, smart and sensible which can understand your business and takes auto actions as and when required. We have done automation in payment processing services which gives the choice full options to every merchant/business which leads them to work globally and save more on transaction cost. For further information please go to [] (


  1. Find the best approach for single integration with all multiple gateways.
  2. Work on a strategy which helps saving processing fee.
  3. Use of AI for payment gateway integration selection.

Key Features:

  1. Manage Merchant Information.
  2. Manage Rules for Payment Gateway Selection.
  3. Identify the best possible Gateway for the incoming transaction using historic data and configurations.
  4. Integration with an external system for Payment Gateway History.
  5. Role-specific features.

Key benefits:

  1. Implemented the SMART DYNAMIC ROUTING SYSTEM to achieve one stop for all payment.
  2. No need to integrate with multiple Payment Gateway.
  3. Automatically routes of payment gateway base on Transaction.
  4. Clients do not need to change the system while Payment Gateways upgrade or the API.
  5. Multiple Currency Processing.

Top Benefits Achieved

  1. 75% Improvement in transactions success rate.
  2. 45% less processing fee while configuring another payment gateway.