#SIBOS Insights on the Fintech Genome; Stay tuned all week!

SIBOS is the annual gathering of the global Fintech tribe when about 8,000 bankers who love Tech and the Tech ventures that serve them converge on a different city each year. This year the lucky recipient of all those schmoozing budgets is Geneva and it starts tomorrow.

Key topics this year are Cyber Security, Corporate Treasury & Trade, Market Infrastructure and Distributed Ledger Technology (aka Blockchain).

SIBOS was Fintech before it was called Fintech. In ye olden days it was all about what we now call Traditional Fintech. The first SIBOS was in 1978, dawn of the IT age, in Brussels, and for 38 years it has been held in a different city around the world. You meet both Fin and Tech from every corner of the globe at SIBOS.

For the past seven years, the Innotribe part of SIBOS has been raising the Emergent Fintech conversations. In 2015 in Singapore, these Emergent Fintech conversations moved from the side-lines to the main conference. This year in Geneva is when we envisage lots of practical conversations and deal-making, when the distinctions between Traditional and Emergent Fintech conversations start to blur and both Incumbents and Upstarts focus on real opportunities and challenges. This is what we have been calling the Great Convergence when Fin and Tech come together to create practical and profitable services.

Enough rhetoric, 2016 is the year Fintech gets down to business.

Daily Fintech is fortunate that SIBOS this year is a short train ride from our base in Bern (equal distance between the twin poles of Swiss Fintech - Zurich and Geneva). Both @Efi and @BernardLunn will be at SIBOS Mon-Thurs and we will be sharing what we learn on Fintech Genome where you can join in the conversation. Tell us what you think and what you want to learn about.

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