Short Selling tools for retail traders

What is out there? I want a tool for my own use and use me as a test case. Is this a space where tools are being democratized.

So far I have come across:



What else is out there?

Any that you have any experience in?

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Hello Bernard,
You can use I Know First predictive algorithm for short selling>
Please let me know if you have any question


@yaron Looks exciting, but a bit inaccessible for a retail investor like me and that is what I am testing in this thread i.e. tools that Joe Public can use. Is there are Free tier or a free trial I can use?

Thank you @BernardLunn for retail investors We are offering a discounted 30 days trial without any commitment. It is possible to join here>

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@yaron you have lots of possibilities to choose from. How to prioritize or choose?

I dont see any package that is focused on short selling (and maybe there shouldnt be); but is there a package that is more suitable for Value investors (looking for long or short picks)?

Hello @Efi
a) For short-selling: any of the packages the includes stocks to buy and stock for short position, For example the Top 20 stock picks also includes Bottom 20. Bottom 20 are there to short

b) Value investors : We are offering Warren Buffet portfolio packages

c) We are working on additional fundamental screens that would filter for value stocks and on those we apply our self-learning AI algorithmic overlay to identify the best value stocks. Same for fundamentally unhealthy stocks filter + IKF algo short positions

d) In addition, We have two packages in which we divide the stocks in two groups, stocks with high short ratio, and low short ratio:


All of the Short Selling data platforms that I know of are laser-focused on institutions. Probably just not enough money in short selling info for retail traders (as there’s not much money in most other info for retail traders).

@BernardLunn, Interactive Brokers has pretty good tools for short-selling:

Thanks @m.trepka I also see Scott Trade with these execution capabilities. The missing piece is good data tools, but I can imagine this is challenging for data service providers - hard to monetize either indirectly (ads) or directly (subs).