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The Fintechs involved in this space are either designing tools (i.e. algorithms) that can extract value from any of these sources; or they are overlaying them with other analytics. Some are B2B and some are B2C.

Simply Wall St from Australia is a B2C Fintech focused on visualization and info graphics of stocks. Their Snowflake visuals are enticing and check them out.
Elements of differentiation: visualization of individual stock investments – Snowflake visuals!
Business stage - strategy: Subscriptions-based
Partnerships: StockTwits

Amareos from Hong Kong, contributes with heat maps and data visualization. Their distinct granular approach to sentiments and emotions (a dozen different types) and thei in-house research reports based on their insights; are worth checking out.
Elements of differentiation: A very broad range of sentiments and emotions for assets or economic regions
Business stage – strategy: Early stage
Partnerships: Thomson Reuters - Amareos App on Thomson Reuters Eikon Studio

Heckyl, out of India, is processing a large database of stocks and news, and applying sentiment-tagging, news-clustering and using a discovery engine. Their three products separate sentiments from news, from prices, and their “specialty” is sentiment coverage for private companies.
Elements of differentiation: Triple focus-products: News, Prices, and private companies & proprietary data
Business stage – strategy: Paying clients globally

Last stop before heading over to Europe

TipRanks from Israel, is a platform that ranks financial analysts and bloggers and their stock recommendations. Seeking Alpha, obviously is a top “contributor” to the shaping of these sentiments.
Elements of differentiation:
Business stage – strategy: Subscriptions-based

Sentifi, is a Swiss based company that uses crowd sourcing algorithms to provide actionable investment advice to large financial institutions and to financial media companies. They have chosen to have a couple of regionally-focused versions and they offer different products (myMarkets; myPublishing, myCompany, myScore) for individual, business, content.
Elements of differentiation: Multiple products for different needs (individual, business, content)- myMarkets; myPublishing, myCompany, myScore
Business stage – strategy: Subscriptions-based but now free

Sentiment analysis for trading and risk management

Acuity Trading (B2B2C) is a UK based company founded by veterans of the financial news industry. Acuity offers different ways of visualising News Sentiment data through data manipulation via brokers, banks and financial portals on a licence basis. Acuity’s tools are well liked by retail brokers, due to their trade provoking visualisations.
Elements of differentiation: Visualisation of Sentiment data as a tool
Business stage – strategy: B2B2C
Partnerships: ETX Capital, ADS Securities, Dow Jones, MONEX and more.

Yukka Lab, German based, for retail traders and professionals, with three products: SentiTrade, Senticomm, Portfolio Simulator.
Elements of differentiation: Three products for the investment amateurs and professionals.
Business stage – strategy:

another German based, sentiment analysis company who is offering their signaling services to traders (both retail and professionals)
Elements of differentiation: Trading signal provider for retail and professionals.
Business stage – strategy:

SemLab is a Dutch company that serves other industries too beyond the financial sector. They showcase a dozen (!) services that target market risk, or asset specific risk, or news and analytics combinations. They are positioned in the broader Big Data space and not only for financials.
Elements of differentiation:
Business stage – strategy:

EagleAlpha is an Irish company, their focus is on parsing news, info, research from the investment world and towards alpha generation.
Elements of differentiation:
Business stage – strategy:

Generic sentiment analysis and with a customer-centric focus

Aylien from Dublin is focused on extracting sentiment from text; their positioning is to customer-centric companies that can extract value from sentiment analysis.
Elements of differentiation:
Business stage – strategy:

TheySay (UK), have also broader focus beyond financial markets and a similar focus on sentiment analysis around customer. They offer an OpenAPI.
Elements of differentiation:
Business stage – strategy:

Sentiment analysis is at the very early stages of being integrated in financial institutions. I see more of that integration in the US.

We start New York with the most seasoned in the sentiment space globally, Kensho. They were founded in 2013 and we profiled them more than a year ago on Kensho: Warren is like Watson and Siri, for analysts, investors and traders. They maintain their subscription-based partnership with CNBCPro and are a laser focus on natural language processing and on producing actionable insights. They maintain their subscription-based partnership with CNBCPro and are used in house by Glodman Sachs who is a strategic investor.

Earlier stage Fintechs in the space are:

ISentium in the US, who parses financial tweets and data. They use scientists that apply algorithms processing unstructured financial data. They target hedge funds and any quant DIY trader, looking for predictive analytics.

PsychSignal is focused on detecting moods in trading; a strictly B2B focus for traders and investment professionals that focuses more in mood detection rather than news. So, finding actionable insights without any events.

More focused on news, early bird detection of the effect on the markets, is Contix.

Market Prophit is extracting value from conversations and with a focus on financial bloggers. They process real time data and natural language, to produce bullish/bearish signals and identify buzz themes in the market. They are working in collaboration with Interactive brokers

HedgeChatter, who covers US stocks with sentiment analysis from news and social media. They offer a unique Manipulation Index that detects stock manipulation from “social attacks”.

Similarly, E-trade is in partnership Tipranks adding to a sentiment and social media angle to the tools the old time disruptor offers.

Ameritrade has developed its own social sentiment offering, Likefolio, which curates Twitter content and offers “color” from the market (trader podcasts, crowd-sourced) research.

Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, both filter Tweets and financial information; but Fintechs are pushing the frontiers on producing Social Alpha.

Combining sentiment analysis from crowd sourced data & quantum encryption, Running Alpha offers a smarter way for seeing investment opportunities before they get noticed; helping investors be first at exploiting high-impact performance trends with confidence. They offer two sophisticated heat map products classified as Sentiment-Aware Portfolio undetected sentiment is their focus. I see them with more of a full stack approach to financial analytics through Big Data, including a sentiment analysis element.

The partnership of EidoSearch (using big data analytics for prediction) and Stocktwits, is also generating sentiment based actionable insights.


Hi guys

Is anyone aware of a sentiment tracker which uses index scoring (so you can see a ‘before’ and ‘after’)? Looking to work with somebody to create something which is almost an analogue to brand value indexes but more applicable to day to day tracking and to SMEs. All thoughts welcome!


A friend of mine started this company:

If it looks interesting, I’m happy to introduce or you can reach out to him directly.

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Hi @EricForgy the best bet is to go to this thread: SENTIMENT ANALYSIS - in financial services (edit this wiki)

It was created by @Efi as a wiki and so you can enter that company in the list, add some info about it and invite comments.

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Hi guys

Is anyone aware of a sentiment tracker which uses index scoring (so you can see a ‘before’ and ‘after’)? Looking to work with somebody to create something which is almost an analogue to brand value indexes but more applicable to day to day tracking and to SMEs. All thoughts welcome!


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Great research. How can one go about updating the information. I would like to write a better description of Acuity Trading. Thanks

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There are a bunch more that I know of. At the risk of overwhelming everyone, I’ll list just some in a very rough order of how far along they are:

  • RavenPack - very impressive company that seems to be growing quickly. Started off focusing mostly on news but is starting to branch out to a lot of alternative data.
  • Social Market Analytics - have a number of partnerships, such as CBOE, Fidelity, & IHS. Provider of sentiment data feeds, trader tools and an excel add-in.
  • TickerTags - impressive founder and team. Recently raised a round. Started off connecting words or “tags” to the securities they should be linked to, such as ‘iPhone’ to ‘AAPL’. Focused on social media.
  • Pluribus Labs - recently came out of an accelerator. Analyze sentiment and risk in financial markets.
  • DragonFish - Early stage and based in London I believe. "Dragonfish provides actionable news sentiment data for 500 US companies, 17 US FX pairs, broad index macro-economic content and value added sentiment indicators. " They sell exclusively through the Airex Marketplace.
  • Accern - early stage, based in NYC. Currently raising a small seed. Mostly focused on news rather than social media.
  • TradeFollowers - specifically focused on social media. Geared towards day traders I believe.
  • MarketPsych - have an online portal that a user can view their research and insights on sentiment in financial markets.
  • Stockal - simple looking product ranking securities by the social sentiment changes.
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@jordanhauer4 Thanks, useful research. Has anybody had any experience using any of these products for trading/investing? I do fundamental stock analysis for my own investing so this would not be my game but would love to hear from any practitioners in this area.

Thanks Jordan for sharing this data. If you know any of the founders of these Fintechs, it would be great to invite them into this conversation so that can tell us more about their business proposition, differentiation etc.

I do know the TickerTags and Accern founders…what’s the best way to invite them?

You can use the Invite button below and a message explaining.

In case it goes ti their spam folder, you may be safer copying the link to this conversation and emailing them directly.

Some more interesting facts about this area are that it is also commonly known as News Analytics, News Sentiment, Text Analytics. I don’t use sentiment on its own as it often confuses with trader positions.

The sector seems to be fragmented into two sectors, those that focus on the API capabilities, and primarily sell to institutional clients such as Hedge Funds, and those that focus on visualisations, that sell through corporate licences or B2C. You also still have a few that are focused on data sets such as Twitter, but this is very much American focused and in my humble opinion a dying breed.

I get the impression that people come across this area and believe it is newest data set out there, and are convinced that they can create the next best company. The truth is this science has been used in Financial Markets since the early noughties, with both Dow Jones/Ravenpack and Reuters launching products in this field in 2005. Since then many companies have come and gone without understanding that the data itself isn’t going to get you clients, it is what you do with it. (As with all data companies)

News Sentiment is gradually getting wider acclaim and use in the market, and like Technical Analysis before it, it will gradually become a mainstay tool of investment professionals. By then, Sentiment will be one of many new data sets, and the true value will be on how you combine this variety of data both visually and in trading algorythms.

I welcome people’s opinions from other areas of the world and financial spectrum.



Infotrie ( should be added to this list of Sentiment Analysis providers.
We are headquartered in Singapore, but with a strong presence in Europe as well. We can provide up to 15 years of daily or tick by tick sentiment on 50,000+ stocks, assets, commodities, topics, directly via API, or through third party vendors. You can also visit our SaaS platform Our machine learning engine is fully real time and support multiple languages

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@fgeorjon @legburger @EricForgy @jordanhauer4 @Efi Anybody know of sentiment tools to track ICOs/ITOs? Or do they move fast. Which tools forecast Bancor raising $140m+?

@BernardLunn There’s a great slack group I’m in run by CoinFund. They usually open channels for discussing/researching each ICO (as long as there’s enough interest)…then there are research sites like Smith + Crown and CryptoCompare, but no “sentiment tools” that I know of for that. Maybe @fgeorjon and InfoTrie’s next product line should include that?!

I am sure Sentifi can handle this. @huan.vo can let us know whether they offer such customization?

lets see if Sentifi or ano from traditional markets step up to this plate. The traditional markets are so efficient it is harder to find undervalued assets. That is not true in ITO land which is still massively inefficient ie where opportunity lies.