Security & D-Wave systems

From my comment on Linedin ref “Blockchain For The Automotive” (IoT) Your thought please:
Hmmm Daily Fintech I am intuitively not convinced, thinking what would a new cyber Dirac’s thoughts be with D-wave probabilities - indeterminacy ref block-chain. I accept my thinking is more Faraday than Maxwell. I keep banging the drum re cyber security : The writing was on the wall when the game of Go resulted in mortals losing whilst the algo was playing the game to learn. I doubt many institutions / corporate groups access to D-Wave systems , Cyber security professionals would not have even considered access when algo v algo will not be about mortal intervention. Fintech Insurtech ? who will use a company that cannot defend its client from algo cyber attacks so named “thought leader” cyber consultants with few exceptions are echo chambers salesmen on conference rounds who have not considered the clear & present danger
Geordie Rose presentation from some time ago:
What say you about D-Wave Eli ?