Robo platform for financial advisors

Does anyone know what the ballpark cost would be to build and maintain a robo platform for investment advisors using Etna API’s and asi API’s?

Welcome @brandonvham. Why are you looking at ETNA APIs?

Have you considered WealthObjects or Hedgeable?

Hi there. I am a portfolio manager, started RIA about a year ago and was
wanting to build a robo/digital platform for advisors that I work with so
they could easily open accounts, automate billing and performance
reporting, and most importantly use my portfolio strategies. I am not a
programmer but have been reading everything g I can to try and find the
right solution or pay someone to develope it.

Brandon VanLandingham
Chief Investment Officer

Investment advisory services offered through Perissos Private Wealth
Management a registered investment advisor

hi @brandonvham welcome to Fintech Genome. Would love to hear how you get on with this project. As a RIA I can see the need ie like barbell - do the basics digitally so you can spend time on the stuff that adds value. Lots of Fintech and TechFin ventures (FinServ that use tech aggressively) would love to serve that need. In addition to what @Efi suggested, take a look at what Blackrock is doing. They have the underlying assets and a B2B strategy unlike Vanguard, so I think they want to serve people like you.

If what you want does not exist (I would be surprised), build it with somebody who wants to sell it to other RIAs. If nobody is offering this to RIAs, it is a wide open market opportunity.

The market is full of offers that are targeting RIAs, especially as the trend of leaving wirehouses and forming independent group practices is the way the US market is going.

However, the devil is in the details.

@brandonvham check out an old but still relevant post around this topic:

Hi Brandon, interesting question, which anybody should only answer with “that depends”.

I’m not into those API’s. But 10 yrs of being responsible for defining and offering solutions like this have made that even harder to me. Because IFA’s tend to have very different understandings what they need for their job and what a platform needs to do. So you would need to take a detailed look into functional (e.g. wanna have KPI like TWR, MWR or VaR for the individual customer transactions? - Well, that is something most of the API’s don’t offer) and technical issues (what kind of multi-tennant capability you will need).

And in addition to the already named providers of financial technology - there are a couple more offerings out there. For example aixigo the company I’m proud to represent.

Please also consider that API’s can differ in many ways. Look out for restful API’s (for easy integration) from “experienced” providers.

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I appreciate you comment and info. I wish I was more tech savvy. Does your
firm operate in the US? My goal would be to offer RIAs a platform that they
could utilize our strategies while at the same time utilize there own. Also
providing the account opening process, client vault, reporting, billing,
and goal based planning. Any thoughts?

Brandon VanLandingham
Chief Investment Officer

Investment advisory services offered through Perissos Private Wealth
Management a registered investment advisor

As @Efi says “devil (or God) in the details”. Bringing in some folks who maybe able to help. @AL.of.InvestGlass and @marclussy

@uday is WealthObjects the way to go?

Hi @Efi - Thanks for thinking about us. Brandon wrote to us recently, and I explained that our current focus is B2B Digital Wealth/Robo Advisory/Hybrid Advisory solutions in EMEA and APAC regions. We are not aware of the US landscape enough to confidently comment as of now. I wish Brandon the best on his project, and thanks again Efi.


@brandonvham I reached out to Bill Winterberg (see tweet chat

He suggests checking out:
@RobustWealth @AdvisorEngine @ENVintel @FolioFN @Jemstep and @TrizicC

Let us know what makes sense for you.

@brandonvham @Efi i would add