RateSetter Review: Up-to-Date Loan Book Analysis

Hi everyone,

I work for an independent research service for UK P2P lending. I chat with a few of you from time to time, but am keen to get much more involved in this forum in the future as it’s a great source of information!

We’ve been performing analyses on the platforms’ loan books and displaying in our easy-to-use dashboard. We support all analysis with blog content, like the following ‘RateSetter Review’ - always keen to hear about how we can improve or add anything that users find helpful, so feel free to shoot me a message :slight_smile:

Feel free to register an Orca account too, it’s free. Again, more than happy to answer all and any questions.

@BernardLunn we’re still considering the cross-platform data analysis!


@OrcaJord I have signed up. One quick question - who pays and how? I can see that it is free to users. Do you charge the Marketplace to create the analysis (which would lead to the problem with credit rating agencies)? Or is it an upsell with more data for professional investors? Or is it a leadgen to Marketplace model? The reason I ask - apart from curiosity - is that choice of monetization determines how trustworthy the data is for users.


Hi @BernardLunn Excellent, thank you I hope you enjoy using the service, I’m happy for you to send all and any feedback directly to me if you like jordan@orcamoney,com :slight_smile:

We recently launched this service with the objective of charging professionals (financial advisers predominantly) for usage. Frustratingly, appetite from intermediaries is very low in the UK, for a number of reasons - as a business we can’t tackle them all alone - however the tides is slowly turning. We’ll never charge the self-directed retail investor for our research.

Also, we don’t charge the P2P platforms to perform analysis and display on our site.

I know how all that sounds…BUT, we are scoping our own investment product too, which is where our long-term monetisation strategy is focused. I can elaborate on this product soon!