Raise more capital or exit? Do the math

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My firm, Venero Capital Advisors, created an Excel model to help entrepreneurs and investors assess the impact of revenue growth on the value of their shares. By tweaking a few straightforward inputs, the analysis shows whether it will be more value-accretive to stay the course, raise more capital or exit.

We have had a great response to it. You can download the file from http://www.venerocapital.com/download_analysis.html

And we published a post explaining the approach here: https://pulse.venerocapital.com/raise-another-round-of-venture-capital-or-exit-do-the-math-4fc23d8a7ac0

Hope you find it useful. Any thoughts / feedback is most welcome.

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This is very helpful to a decision that many founders face. Anecdotally, many founders with the metrics to do a Series A find those same metrics attracting acquisition offers.

Here are some blog posts by the one data scientist in VC I respect most:


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