Petro Terminals, Payments and Proposals

Petro terminals have quite the battle; they are expensive pieces of hardware that rarely add value to consumer experiences like the countertop cousins.

Add in some skimming, interchange and commodity prices …phew…

To my surprise, consumers want innovation at the pump more than any other common purchase place (PYMTS).

How can they be improved for merchants, consumers to solve said problems? How can NFC and BLT make a difference?

I’m looking to play in the space and would love to coinvestivate any hypotheticals produced from group discussion.

Oh! What was that?
Nothing…just something going bump in the night.

I get the pain point, agree (sort of, it’s not a high priority problem) but what’s the solution?

Hi @Moriarty - I agree that it’s a space that needs some attention because the consumer experience is lagging badly.

The terminals themselves are highly regulated weights and measures devices. The bodies that regulate them are very conservative. My experience is that at least the dispensing portion is going to continue to evolve slowly.

The interesting play may be to try to break the payment portion out into a separate but tightly interfaced device. That might start to get interesting.

I’m not an expert by any means, had a small amount of experience trying to certify a device in a related field. Not fun.

Also my experience is in Canada/NAFTA. Your mileage may vary.

@toddmalone @Moriarty Yes I think it varies a lot by country. With chip and in direct debit the fees are less and that is increasingly the norm in Europe. Changing the terminals in lots of gas stations sounds like a high barrier. Count me unconvinced, but maybe I am missing something?