Overstock's T0 platform

Does anyone expect Overstock’s T0 platform to gain traction? I can’t tell if Patrick Byrne will lead it into the mainstream of if he’s flailing.

I am bullish on T0 but it is a big threat to Wall Street i-banks, so expect a prolonged “and then they fight you” phase. I think Byrne has the resouces and desire to see it through. Concurrent Delivery Versus Payment is invevitable, but probably not imminent.

@dailyfintechrocks Will the SEC or some other ecosystem player collaborate with T-zero? Will they choose to cannibalize their business (which is threatened but not imminently) by using a private blockchain platform like T-zero? Or with they spend millions on experimenting inhouse?
What I definetly dont see the SEC doing, is choosing the Open source way (a la Lykke).


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Great article @Efi!

You mention Nasdaq being threatened by blockchain but I believe they’re working on their own implementation, although I think it’s planned only for use with private shares so far.

Are you sure t0 uses a private blockchain? I haven’t been able to figure that out. They announced that they’d be using Colored Coins a while back. Colored Coins typically runs on the Bitcoin blockchain although I’m sure it could be adapted for private use.

I can’t figure out Lykke. You do like what you see of them? Currently they’re functioning as a semi-decentralized exchange for Colored Coins on the Bitcoin blockchain. I can’t figure out if they’re going places or not.

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@dailyfintechrocks yes Nasdaq is experimenting with blockchain for private shares. Of course, they are keeping an eye to anybody that may disrupt their business.
T-zero is a platform that can host an exchange. Whether that proves to be the use case that scales T-zero, I dont know. Maybe the first use case comes from some SEC that is more focused on auditability and transapency.

T-zero is referenced as a private blockchain platform on their website. See, a Wired article on their site

Lykke has a BHA (Big Hairy Audacious) mission. I need more space-time to start explaining what I see. Whether they succeed or not, is all the excitment.

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@Efi @dailyfintechrocks they are in acquisition mode:


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