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Open Bank Project & JB Financial Group Launch Global FinTech Hackathon in South Korea

In the first global hackathon devoted to the banking industry of South Korea, the JB Financial Group, 2e & TESOBE/Open Bank Project are proud to announce the BiSang hackathon (‘Quantum Leap’ in Korean) aimed at global start-ups, developers and individuals.

The intention of the hackathon is to find new partners to collaborate with JBFG in providing innovative services and technologies to the financial and banking worlds. In a previous hackathon in 2015, JBFG built a new business model for collaboration with winners PeopleFund. JBFG opened their core banking systems to the winners and the resulting interface and subsequent developments received approval from the Korean Financial Services Commission Institution and led to a patented business model.

Aiming for equally spectacular results this time around, JBFG offer significant prizes and opportunities, with the intention of creating an ongoing business relationship with the winners. Winners will gain the opportunity to expand their business presence in Asia, including South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, by signing a MOU with JB Financial Group. JBFG has partnered with 2e & the Open Bank Project to deliver this global initiative. Startups will use the JBFG Open Bank Project API sandbox to demonstrate their Apps.

The hackathon has two parts:
Online hackathon: the first part is online, opening on October 1st and closing on October 20th 2016.
Hackathon Final: from the online entries, selected finalists will be invited in person to present their innovative ideas to senior bank management in Yeoksamdong, South Korea, between November 28 30th 2016.

APPLY NOW! (Deadline Oct 20th)
• Hackathon website http://hackmakethebank.com/jbfg
• application form https://www.f6s.com/jbfghackathon2016

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@ismail what does the JB Financial Group do (business and customers)?

JBFG is a financial holding company with over fifty years of robust operations in
Korea and overseas. Established in 1969, the Financial Group’s key entities include JB
Financial Group, Jeonbuk Bank, Kwangju Bank, JB Woori Capital and JB Asset
Management, as well as the recently acquired Phnom Penh Commercial Bank in Cambodia.

In 2015, JBFG held the first Fintech Frontier Fair in 2015, and subsequently launched the
P2P lending business with competition winners People Fund. More: www.jbfg.com

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