Online Consignment platforms

Hey there everyone, I’m pretty new to the site so 1st off I’m happy to be here. The reason I started this was because I represent an online consignment platform called Kickfurther. We’ve been around now for about almost 2 years and have helped raised approximately $13,000,000 in funds for small businesses.

I can explain our model fully, but I feel as though providing you guys alink would be better. I’d be happy to answer any questions you all might have! Cheers!

Thanks Keeton and welcome to the platfrom.

For an investor:
Do I understand correctly that this is an alternative fixed income investment? or is it crowdfunding?
Is this investing in supply chain finance?
And if yes, how is it different than other Fintechs?

For the small business:
Is it accessing capital (which part of the capital structure - debt/equity or some hybrid) faster and cheaper?