One spot to get the 80 best Fintech blogs - Daily Fintech of course included

Feedspot is a place to read all your favorite blogs in one place. It send a daily email digest with updates from blogs you have added to your account.
A list of top 80 Fintech Blogs have been curated and ranked based on their social metrics, traffic, content quality, frequency of post and google rank of their blog and some human input as well.
Hope you will find the blogs useful. If any blog is missing, please comment and we will be sure to add them as well.

Thanks @Anuj we love being on lists like this, but there are so many these days that it is hard to keep up! We suggest that a bit more segmentation is in order. The whole media space is evolving so fast that traditional categories no longer suffice. For example, the term Blog or Blogger is almost meaningless today as that can encompass a lone individual or a large media firm that evolved from analog to digital and in the digital realm Blog now simply means a chronological flow of information and that is too broad to be meaningful.

Another way to segment is whether the blog is a single individual or multiple authors. A great example of a single individual with great insight and content is Chris Skinner. Daily Fintech has chosen the multiple authors route - you can see our Authors here. We are a constellation of stars, not an individual star.

There are two types of Multiple Authors blogs. One type is open with an advertising or content marketing model - for example Forbes or Medium or in Fintech, BankNxt. Most media companies have gone in this direction. Daily Fintech has a maximum of 6 Authors corresponding to the days of the week (today is M-F but we may add Sat) because we believe in constraints. We have only one post per day so we are forced to choose what is important and to respect the attention of our subscribers - high signal to noise ratio is our mantra.

We do also like the open model and that is why we started Fintech Genome on our second anniversary. Any registered user can post - as you know, you registered and posted :heart_eyes:

On Fintech Genome, we let the community float the good stuff to the top. You can see which conversational threads get attention.

The other segmentation is between news and analysis. Daily Fintech is insight-driven not news-driven. We track the news as one signal about something interesting, but it is only one signal. We do not chase the news or copy/paste Press Releases with a new headline. In that sense we are more like a research company or decentralised think tank or consulting business than a media business. You can read more about our Editorial Philosophy here.

I hope this helps to understand more about what we are doing and how we differentiate and add value.

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I have been using Feedspot because it gives me in one place Daily Fintech content (combo of news and insights).
Over the past month, I have customized it (adding more content and deleting some). I have sent my delete suggestions to @Anuj and I am sure he would welcome more feedback from this great, high quality community.

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