Off the shelf PFM systems for PSD2 ready Banks

Hello all and thank you @Efi for inviting me.

I’m looking for off the shelf PFM systems that can be installed within a Bank which is PSD2 ready.
Other thank Strands and Meninga could anybody recomend another company for us to look into?
Many many thanks.

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Here is the list of some white label banking solutions sorted by region.

EU: Salt Edge, BackBase, Strands, Meniga, Innofis
Australia: The System Works Group (TSWG), Sandstone
Asia: eWise
US: Geezeo, Malauzai, MX, Fiserv, D3Banking

I’m working for Salt Edge (specifically on the white label banking part), so if you’d like to learn more about what we offer, you can check our web: or contact me directly at

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

thank you very much @LisaTerziman very helpfull indeed!

@anthony.kyriazis @LisaTerziman Check out in Poland. @Karunk know of any others? Many are semi-custom. Two parts to this I think a) data access b) the PFM functionality. In latter it is all about UX but it is useless without the former.

Great question BTW, thanks. Lots of people looking for something like this.

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thank you @BernardLunn their website doesn’t say much, we have the UI and UX covered as we design the whole experience from scratch… we are only interested in getting the back end stuff pluged into the core banking systems, with as much potential functionality as possible, so we can then put an nice user experience on top of it all for the end user.

Well, check out this PFM: it’s all about UX there and we do have additional modules for the ebanking features (payments, account management and so on). And you can also try out mobile apps on iOS and Android with data aggregation already :slight_smile: ping me directly if you have any questions

@anthony.kyriazis check out this thread, may have some pointers: