Nice to meet you here

Hi everyone,

It is great to see so many people here in one place whose articles I’ve enjoyed reading. @amy.radin, I really enjoyed your latest article and looking forward to Part II.

It looks like you all know each other and I’m new, so I hope a quick intro is ok. I’m a former physicist (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), turned Wall Street “quant” (Citigroup), turned investment strategist (Capital Group), turned fixed-income researcher (Countrywide), turned quantitative hedge fund strategist (TCW Group), turned insurance risk officer (ING Asia-Pacific & AIA Hong Kong & Macau), turned InsurTech startup founder based in Hong Kong. I’ve been around and have seen a lot in my years.

It is interesting times we live in. Interesting times to be in Insurtech in particular. I admire you all and hope I can contribute something back.


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Hi @EricForgy Nice to e-meet you and welcome. Check out the post on Trust Levels in Fintech Genome to see how best to contribute. Trust Levels in Fintech Genome

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Eric, Nice to e-meet you as well! So glad you enjoyed the posts. Insurance has almost endless upside for innovation, and having been in the corporate world for so many years (more on the consumer side of financial services and insurance) it’s exciting to be on the outside where the possibility of driving change seems much greater. Would love to learn about what you are doing and look forward to exchanging ideas. Amy

That’s a great title for the post! And likewise, great to eMeet you too.