My take on the Bancor ICO ITO

Some things remain the same no matter the technology. In ye olde world of Wall Street, some IPOs are hyped. The value is irrelevant, you just play the momentum game. Some ICOs are also like that. Bancor seems like that.

Some IPOs seem to fail and then deliver massive value. Think Facebook.

The Bancor ICO feels like 1999 at hyper speed - you thought those days were fast moving, ha!

As an investor you can play both IPOs and ICOs the same way. You can either play the momentum game. Its all about sentiment, what the company actually does is irrelevant (it just needs to have a plausible story). Plenty of people play that game very well. The other way, which I prefer, is to wait till some time after the IPO or ICO or ITO to see what happens. That is is the whole point of liquidity; you choose when to jump in. If there is no liquidity - if the proposition is “send the money right now, its your last chance” - it is probably a scam.

Will Bangor actually provide liquidity without any counterparty risk? If so they have huge value. If not, this will be footnote in the history of Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto.

In short, wait and see.