MortgageTech - the last frontier for Fintech? A starting list of companies focused on Mortgage

Not sure if it is directly classed as mortgage tech, but it is certainly very interesting and innovative. A company called Point out of the US is helping homeowners unlock the wealth in their homes by taking an equity stake in the asset. Replaces the need for a homeowner to get a loan from the bank to access those funds in order to reinvest elsewhere. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz.


@Jessica Point has received ALOT of press. I opened a topic around them Old-fashioned financial engineering in Home Equity!
It will be interesting to monitor their market product fit.

Within the next month, we expect to see live the first blockchain application for property valuations and mortgage valuation in Hong Kong! From Bank of China and HSBC.

Blockchain will be used to create a decentralised network of banks and surveyors through which the latest valuations can be listed, verified and shared — in a matter of seconds.

Adding to the first category of LOS providers

D+H MortgageBot

Read more details here

They collaborated last year with DocMagic.

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Hi everyone! I work for Ferst Capital Partners - early-stage FinTech investment firm based out of Montreal. Here are some Canadian Mortgage Startups I’ve managed to find - most are very early stage:

I would be interested to know if there are any more Canadian FinTechs tackling the mortgage space. The sense is that Mortgage Tech (and to maybe a lesser extent InsurTech) is one the last Financial Service verticals (at least in Canada) that are looking to innovate.

Btw if anyone is interested, there’s a Digital Mortgage conference in SF on Dec 8-9… first of it’s kind I think:



From Australia we hear a MortgageTech fintech launching a biometric ID app for their clients (brokers and banks). We mentioned Hashching in Sep.

Hashching, a website for home buyers to choose mortgage brokers, has built the first fully-digital process for home loan verification in Australia, which would allow banks to comply with strict regulations for identifying clients without having to send them to a branch.

From the UK and previously involved in Wonga,
Habito is a digital mortgage broker with an AI chatbot for advice.

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A new segmentation from CB Insights

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I own these premium financial internet addresses and I am looking for an equity position in a Fintech startup. info@P2P.Mortgage

Most entrepreneurs I know figure that in the mobile and search age, a url is less valuable than it used to be so they use whatever is available and upgrade for cash after an investing round. Equity seems unlikely.

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Trussle is a UK based mortgage broker.

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Read my post on LinkedIn to see a list of the amounts comparable domain names have sold for recently.

I’d like to add uno ( - we’re equivalent to Sindeo, based in Australia, institutional backing (Westpac) and growing about 40% / month currently

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One more form UK: MOLO Finance - UK first fully digital online mortgage lender.
Here is an interview with CPO of MOLO, Case Study how it was built.

Sindeo was mentioned here too. Case study might also be interesting

Online Mortgage Bank form Switzerland - Moneypark. Case Study here