Mini Series - The Future of the Risk Markets

This is a first segment in a four part mini series about “The Future of the Risk Markets”, touching on…

  • Complexity and Resilence in the Risk Markets
  • Peer-to-Peer in the Risk Markets
  • Blockchain in the Risk Markets
  • Potential impacts in the Risk Markets

Please feel free to poke holes, ask questions, or simply discuss the concepts.


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@KarmaCoverage I like this bit, it has a lot of conceptual clarity:

  1. Insurance — is the Centralized “Hub & Spoke” graph
  2. Reinsurance — is the Decentralized graph connecting risk Hubs
  3. P2P Coverage — will be formalized into a Distributed graph. — This is the one that obviously does not exist formally, but informally you see people calling parents, friends, and using GoFundMe, or their church/office and other community organizations in their personal network to spread risk out laterally.

I think the key point is that the P2P network already exists in the real world among friends, family and shared interest groups.

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I will post a link to each segment as they are published.

Here is the 2nd segment

In this segment I begin to touch on how Ripple’s distributed ledger can be configured to build a P2P risk sharing platform, to enable peer users to network together, escrow and allocate funds, against a common risk exposure.

Here is the 4th segment, “Internet of Risk”.

Here is the LinkedIn group

It is very refreshing to run into folks who understand the subtleties of true phase change disruptions. This video does a great job at explaining “Platforms”, like a KarmaCoverage, and how the business model contrasts at the core from old business model “Pipes”.

We see a lot of AI, chat bots, big data, etc which are wonderful improvements upon the Pipe business models. By contrast we see very few truly intentionally designed Platforms in Finance so far. P2P lending may be the only one, leaving all other financial sectors still open for redesign.

Enjoy, "From Pipes to Platforms"