Mark Cuban Asserts That Bitcoin is Not Currency. Do you agree?

By capitalising Bitcoin, the answer is that no it is not a currency it is a payment rail/technology. If he wrote that bitcoin is not a currency or that BTC is not a currency maybe the answer is different.

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Its an asset and not a currency. Its value is benchmarked against the USD or EUR and thats the only relationship to the word currency.

A currency can be issued by the country without system limmits. Bitcoin has such limmits; however, anyone can copy the code and create BitCoin II …

@andrefassler Not today. it is a store of value mainly. Ok as currency for big ticket items. It is a better currency than Gold IMHO and will be a lot better after Lightning Network enables quick low value transactions

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I think it’s still uncertain to say whether it is a currency. It depends on the adoption. Right now, it’s picking up again. Let’s see where it goes?