Making (Financial) Data Analysis more meaningful via the Key Method of Data Visualization

Following the old Chinese wisdom “A picture is worth a thousand words”, Data Visualization is the key – because it refers to the graphical resp. pictorial/diagrammed representation of information. This method helps to understand huge amounts of data and to gain precise insights even from many terabytes.
Studies show that the human brain is able to interpret and understand visualized data (e. g. charts or graphs) much faster than data listed conventionally in a tabular way.

Charts United developed a web service for the standardized visualization of financial data based on XBRL statements. Using this web service clients will be able to visualize all financial data included in XBRL filings as Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow and calculated key figures based on this information using a unique notation concept inspired by the rules of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) (

Since 2009 the American stock exchange supervisory body (SEC) demands submission of all documents in XBRL format. In Europe the significance of XBRL as a common standard for the electronic exchange of financial data also increases continuously.

Charts United assists analysts and companies in kick-starting and implementing the standardized visualization of the XBRL reporting requirements successfully and cost-efficiently.

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XBRL filings are dynamically read from the homepage

For demonstration purposes the selections are restricted.

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