Let's create a list of the best equity crowdfunding platforms

I would like to make this a list of the best equity crowdfunding platforms focused on the non-accredited investor segment that can now be served thanks to Title III of the Jobs Act being passed.

Here are the companies I know of so far, but would appreciate contributions. Which platforms are your favorite platforms? What differentiates platforms from one another?

  1. WeFunder
  2. SeedInvest
  3. StartEngine
  4. NextSeed
  5. FlashFunders
  6. Republic

I find WeFunder to be the most intuitive and provide the best set of investments. The founders have an easy portal for providing answers and information to potential investors and the selection is actually quite vast for such a young platform.

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Great List, our company works with over 7000 of them and we are compiling the global leaders.

To start with today:

KlondikeStrike the worlds first Equity Crowdfunding Portal for the Mining Sector. KlondikeStrike is lead by Chad Williams an award winning mining analyst, investment banker, mining executive with over 25 years experience. Todate KlondikeStrike has closed over $30Million in transactions in less then 8 months in operations.

On 19 October 2016
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Thanks @oscar for sharing.
The 7000 companies that you are collaborating with are global? Currently, are most basd in the US?
What are the 3-5 top criteria for categorizing them?
Total size of deals? Number of deals?

p.s. you can insert hyperlinks on company names, by highliting the name and using either the chain image or CTRL+K.

There is 7,000 Alternative Finance Portals Worldwide

The top portals globally are:

  1. OurCrowd, Israel
  2. SyndicateRoom, UK
  3. CrowdCube, UK
  4. RealtyMogul, USA
  5. OfferBoard, USA
  6. StartEngine, USA
  7. ProdigyNetwork, USA
  8. Seedrs, UK
  9. Symbid, Netherlands
  10. KlondikeStrike

Total Funds Raise

of deals

Real Estate is in a class of its own, it has to be since the average deal is much larger than other sectors. Take ProdigyNetwork $130Million deal, with 3,500 Accredited Investors.

The other creteria, what type of investor do they deal with

Accredited Investors
non Accredited

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Yep, as far as funds raised, all the Title III portals are blown away by portals who cater to accredited investors. But of the Title III portals, Wefunder is by far my favorite.

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@dailyfintechrocks and @SimpleInnovativ; you both make me regret the choice of my username on the Fintech Genome.
Great insights too! Welcome.

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I would agree, one to keep an eye on in the coming months is RedCrow, co-founded by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads. It is an equity crowdfunding platform with a significant diligence aspect to it that focuses on the healthcare sector and is soon to be open to non-accredited investors as well.


On the subject of Equity Crowdfunding: Does anybody know of any B2B companies that have been successful on any of these platforms? We’ve been struggling to find a good case study.

*** Apologies if this is adjacent to the topic of the thread. Happy to move it elsewhere if helpful

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Though not successful yet Scarp Connection is worth checking out. https://wefunder.com/scrap.connection.inc