Lets build a list of upcoming InsurTech events

We are deep in snow season, but some are looking at when the flowers return with the conference season. Business Insider uncovered 14 InsurTech Conferences in 2017 around the world. I suspect there are a lot more, even if you leave out all the free but high quality MeetUp events. We really need a community generated calendar of InsurTech events by date, location and cost.

A Google Sheet with Event Name, City and Cost would be ideal. Or is there a better tool?

Who wants to be the curator? Create the sheet and maintain it.

If you organize InsurTech events or know about some that are missing from this list, please tell us in comments.

This is really a good idea and we can benefit from crowdsourcing. I´ll try to put something together and share a first version

These are the upcoming ones I can see:

The London InsurTech Conference
When: September 25, 2017

Where: London, England (Shoreditch Town Hall)

InsurTech 2017
When: September 26 to September 27

Where: Singapore

InsurTech Connect 2017
When: October 3 to October 4

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada (Caesars Palace)

InsurTech Rising
When: November 2017

Where: London, England (Venue TBD)

Plus: https://www.meetup.com/instech/ run by Robin Merttens and crew

This is a first intent. It can be expanded to include specific topics adding columns, or even FinTech events, as often InsurtTech is considered part of it. I highly recommend that any future updates prioritizes by date, otherwise is less visual