Let's build a List of Banking APIs

Hi @BernardLunn, thanks, it’s good to have found a forum for this interest, and a lively one at that. Ubanquity has rethought and build what digital banking / integration is. The system is almost - but not quite - a core banking system in its own right. Instead, Ubanquity integrates and rides on top of core banking systems. This isn’t dissimilar to BackBase, for example. The difference being ‘how’ the integration layer and the private APIs work.

We’ve been working with the system at an exploratory level for a number of months. It’s very promising and at this point in time we’re just embarking on an integration and development of a transactional system for one client.

For our UX and Dev. teams Ubanquity allows a degree of freedom that few other systems/solutions offer - we can develop with anything - react, angular2, Xamarin, native apps - it’s all there and up to us as the developer/design team to decide.

At a service design level we’ve found that since Ubanquity delivers only services and data - no widgets, no pre-determined presentation / interaction layers, that we can model our solution more closely to the client requirements, extending where we need. Another aspect of Ubanquity we’re impressed with is the developer sandbox - it works and it works well. We can push the limits of customer interactions in a safe, controlled environment that’s not a scaled down version of production.

If they do it right I see Ubanquity being a positive disruptor in the space. It’s bold, innovative and forward looking.

in Italy we have a first comer: Banca Sella has made some APIs available at https://www.platfr.io/#/home

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Hi @massimo.gentilini welcome to Fintech Genome where great conversations make good things happen. Does Banca Seller want to attract global Fintechs or is it restricted to Italian Fintechs?

Hi @Konstantin Thanks for initiating this conversation which has got a lot of traction.

I have done some compilation based on all the crowdsourced input:

3rd Party Solutions
Kontomatik Banking API235
OpenBankProject https://openbankproject.com168
F2 Framework https://www.openf2.org87
Plaid - https://plaid.com/91 -
Spectre Data Aggregation API8
Teller teller.io101
WireCard https://www.wirecardbank.com/38
FIBO W3C Community Group2
Railsbank: http://www.railsbank.com/39
Salt Edge Data Aggregation API8
Ubanquity - www.ubanquity.com6

BNP Paribas Open Bank Project357
Fidor API124
Mondo API144
Saxo Bank78
Figo https://figo.io60
OCBC https://api.ocbc.com/store/46
BBVA Compass http://bbvaapimarket.com/16
CBW Bank10
Telefónica Deutschland’s O2 Banking:17
Banco do Brasil https://developers.bb.com.br/en/2
Banca Sella https://www.platfr.io/#/home1

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Our company, Sophtron https://sophtron.com/Docs#free-banking-api offers free banking API to developers up to 10,000 requests per month. We support most of the US banks and credit card companies(over 12,000), along with most of bill payment accounts. Detailed documentation and source code here https://sophtron.com/Docs#docs-overview

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3rd party Bank-as-a-Service platform targeting Asia

Hi all, you can also see the Particeep API to distribute online financial services and products (banking, insurance, asset management).


In same line you can explore below blog which is related to Open Banking Services.

Swedish fintech Tink aggregates financial data from 300 banks in the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland). Access to more European banks to be added over the year.

OP financial group has opened their developer portal at https://op-developer.fi. Currently it includes APIs for banking, wealth and mobility.

I’ll add one more to this: https://developers.bankopen.co/