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Let's build a List of Banking APIs

Capital One is the only one (I think) in the US with an open API platform on the programmable web.
Credit Card API “The Credit Offers API provides developers with tools to offer Capital One credit products (credit cards, in particular) to their customers. Currently, the API contains a single resource and endpoint that lists the credit cards that are tailored for a specific customer. This API is currently in beta.”

ING seems to be flirting with the idea but really keeping it internally (so more like a private blockchain).
"ING is building a new wave of dashboard products for business intelligence that are all API-enabled, but these are being prototyped and developed for in-house teams and in an alpha release by their innovation lab. "


On ING, I think they’re going beyond flirting and want to open open up their systems & data to 3rd parties, although probably selectively.

In this interview (Dutch), ING CEO Ralph Hamers states a couple of interesting things which indicates they believe in open banking data: “If a consumer wants to use other banking products within ING Bank’s platform, then that shouldn’t be a problem”. More in English (including video from Money 20/20) here. ING has a stake in Kabbage which they use for their SME lending in Spain (Santander is working with Kabbage in UK). He states he’s actually looking forward towards the introduction of PSD2 as that will be positive for the consumer.

At the recent Dutch Blockchain Conference, ING gave some insights on what’s going on within the R3 consortium and they highlighted the importance of open source initiatives such as the Hyperledger project. Although they admitted most of the time spent in R3 so far was around figuring out what exactly the Blockchain is and what it can do, and not many tangible experiements yet.

Furthermore, they run several FinTech accelerator programs and partner with c. 50 FinTechs now. I cannot imagine that must solely be for ING’s internal gain, the FinTechs must be getting something out of it as well, e.g. access to ING’s huge swaths of data.

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Interactive Brokers https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=1325

There is
LHV in Estonia: https://www.lhv.ee/

Solaris in Germany: https://www.solarisbank.de

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WireCard in Germany https://www.wirecardbank.com/

N26 (former Number26) Germany

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Strictly speaking not a banking API, but very closely related and worth watching - the Financial Industry Business Ontology

Point being that for banking API’s to help democratize finance, they will have to be universal like the web itself

In the USA, we use Quovo. Germany has 3 thus far.

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https://api-open.db.com/ Deutsche is putting a foot into the water. I would suggest to create a sandbox that has all the data one may want to fully serve a clients financial needs. An enhanced (for Banking, Investment Management, Insurance & Cash services) like to BiPRO (insurance D) standardization. Banks could chose; if and what they want to make available to the FinTechs.

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Hi All, Ismail with the @OpenBankProject here - thanks for the ping @AL.of.InvestGlass
We are an open source API platform for banks. We work with some of the banks you mentioned earlier such as BNP Paribas. Our latest project is with JB Financial Group in South Korea
We support 115 standard banking APIs used by more than 5500 worldwide as of today. You can check out our sandbox here https://apisandbox.openbankproject.com/

If any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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“Through the global developer portal, Citi will grant developers access to APIs across six usage categories, including account management, peer to peer payments, money transfer to institutions, Citi rewards, investment purchases and account authorization”

Just announced that CITI joins the API party

Earlier this month, Deutsche and Mastercard opened up API hubs
See more in https://dailyfintech.com/2016/11/11/banking-apis-shapes-colors-and-focus/

@Jessica reports from Australia and NZ, more Banking Open API hubs -

  • ASB is the local NZ arm of Australian banking giant CBA, and more.
  • CBW Bank claims it is the first U.S. bank to publish its APIs, which it does through its partnership with Yantra Financial Technolgies, a company owned and founded by the CBW’s Chairman and CTO, Suresh Ramamurthi. CBW works with the likes of Moven and this year launched Ylabs, allowing development on a full bank stack with arguably the best plumbing in the US market.
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Privatbank from Ukraine.

They claim Privatbank is the first bank in the world which introduced a public API (in 2009).
All their APIs areavilble in Corezoid processes.


BBVA Spain and Compass


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A great example of a third party creating a mobile bank for an established bank.

Telefónica Deutschland’s O2 Banking: This summer, mobile telecommunication company, Telefonica Deutschland launched a mobile only bank account, built on German Bank Fidor’s platform. O2 Banking offers transactions via mobile phone number, small instant loans, and better mobile data plans.
Source: http://www.tradestreaming.com/financial-robots/7-examples-showing-the-power-of-banking-apis?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tradestreamingdis&utm_source=daily&utm_content=161114<

Railsbank built by former co-founder of CurrencyCloud is a unique API for connecting startups and SME banks in Europe currently.

Check it out here: http://www.railsbank.com/

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Hi! SDK.finance has just announced its white-label RESTful API release. A banking solution provider currently offers 70 APIs for transaction-related products with further expansion to 80 within the next two months.

Banco do Brasil API’s

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Salt Edge Data Aggregation API
Covers about 50 countries worldwide, biggest coverage in Europe.

Detailed documentation for devs: https://docs.saltedge.com

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Ubanquity - www.ubanquity.com - Omnichannel banking APIs re-imagined. Wondering if this is the best kept secret in digital banking. It’s a new entry into the space and they’ve re-thought the approach to API development and deployment. Be interested to see what others here think.

I’ve been following the open bank project for a little while now. While we’d love to put some focused effort and experimentation into it - because who doesn’t like the idea - right? There just never seems to be enough time or available resource to may meaningful working examples - in an interesting way it reminds me quite a bit of Ubanquity (www.ubanquity.com) in many ways.

Hi @Byron welcome to Fintech Genome. At a quick glance Ubanquity looks like one of the modern breed of core banking systems - been meaning to compile a list. I used to sell core banking systems eons ago (Misys mainly) and know they need reinventing. Doing that via APIs rather than recreating functionality seems like the smart approach. How do you see them?