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Let's build a List of Banking APIs

Hey there guys,

Banking API providers become vital due to the recent Payment Services Directive 2.
Let’s compose a list third party banking API providers and also add open banking APIs from the banks.

I will start with two that I know well.

3rd party providers
Kontomatik Banking API
Coverage: UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Russia.

BNP Paribas Open Bank Project
Coverage (BNP Paribas Group Banks only): UK, US, Poland, France, France, Turkey, Italy


Financial Market Information
Coverage: Focus US, but worldwide


Fidor API

Welcome to the Fidor Banking API! Our API allows you to easily access your Fidor bank account, get information about your transaction history and submit various types of payments. In addition you may provide services for Fidor customers and access their accounts if certain conditions are met.

Mondo API

The Mondo API is designed to be a predictable and intuitive interface for interacting with users’ accounts. We offer both a REST API and webhooks.


Great idea @Konstantin and thanks t @stefan.buetler and @EricForgy for a good start. I would add these two:

Saxo Bank

That is 5 so far. I suspect we have about 10% and this trend is just getting started. Will turn this list into a Wiki, so it is easier than a thread of comments.

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This is a Wiki. Anybody with Level 1 or higher can Edit.

Tools & Platforms
OpenBankProject https://openbankproject.com

F2 Framework https://www.openf2.org

Plaid - https://plaid.com/ - a tool that enables applications to connect with user’s bank accounts. Should get a big boost from PSD2.

3rd party providers
Spectre Data Aggregation API
Coverage: 58 countries, 2500+ financial institutions. Biggest coverage — Europe. Map

Kontomatik Banking API4
Coverage: UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Russia.

Banks (listing by HO location, most operate in multiple countries
France: BNP Paribas Open Bank Project1
Coverage (BNP Paribas Group Banks only): UK, US, Poland, France, France, Turkey, Italy

Spain: BBVA Compass

Figo https://figo.io
Fidor http://docs.fidor.de

Mondo https://getmondo.co.uk/docs/

OCBC https://api.ocbc.com/store/

Wealth Management Focus
Xignite http://www.xignite.com/
Hedgeable http://www.programmableweb.com/api/hedgeable
Saxo Bank http://www.saxobank.com/news/press/saxo-opens-access-to-its-trading-infrastructure-with-the-launch-of-openapi


From the East, the first SouthEast Asian bank that opened up their API is OCBC bank in Singapore.
The bank’s developer portal, Connect2OCBC, provides free access to four open-source APIs. The APIs include Branch Locator, Credit Card Advisor, ATM Locator, and Forex. See more on the programmable web.


I know of
Figo in Germany and Austria, who offers banking APIs to build a modern bank. Their banking API enables developers, startups and even banks to connect to every financial service provider. These partners can access every bank account (current, savings, loan, securities, …), credit card, eWallet and other financial services through one single REST-API. It is possible to extract account information and initiate bank transfers & direct debits.

Will check on them, to see which banks have partnered with FIGO.


Interesting to see that we believe that some banks have open API . They don’t - they do something much smarter. They rely on Open Bank Initiative to connect their legacy and old system to dynamic and agile solutions.

For more information i believe that you can directly contact Ismail Chaib, COO
TESOBE / Open Bank Project
ismail at tesobe.com

They are developing a fantastic solution. You can also have a look at OPENF2 solution which is supported by several data vendors.


I almost mentioned Open Bank, but am less familiar with it. It looks like an awesome project.


Thanks @AL.of.InvestGlass that makes sense from what I know of core banking systems - banks don’t want to touch them if they can avoid it.

Great idea, I will reach out to him and get him into this conversation. BTW, anybody who partucipates in Fintech Genome can do the same thing i.e. invite somebody to join Fintech Genome.

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There’s also BBVA Compass

As well as Plaid - https://plaid.com/ - not totally an API, but similar functionality

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Hello to all,
I suggest to create the list with a regional focus. EU, CH, Eastern - Central Europe,China, Japan, Rest of Asia, USA, UK, Australia …
Otherwise it will become a too long of a list.

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Excellent idea @andrefassler Let me set up a framework and populate it with what we have and let people add to it

@andrefassler I have put all the suggestions I can find into the wiki I created above. @Konstantin as you started the thread, can you take my Wiki and put into your original post and make the post into a Wiki? I upgraded you to Level 3 so you have the user privilege to turn a post into a wiki. The reason I ask is that newcomers won’t know to scroll down to my wiki post, but will see your original post and try to edit as a wiki (which they won’t be able to do) or comment (which is suboptimal as somebody still needs to copy/paste into wiki. Ping me (bernard@dailyfintech.com) if you need help.

This is going to be very useful! Personally I would be mostly interested in Banking API’s focusing on developing markets (mostly frontier markets and some emerging), as that’s where I’m active. I’ll have a look at what I can find for that space. For now I know of Yodlee which isn’t mentioned here so far. They offer a whole range of banking APIs and application modules (FinApps they call them) and analytics tools to go with them.

They have also expanded into developing countries, e.g. announcing a partnership with a South African API marketplace.


By the way, Roy Teo and Ravi Menon (I believe) from MAS were live-streaming an event from India last night and made some interesting comments about banking APIs.

  1. Some banks will not survive the FinTech disruptions. Those who do not embrace APIs will die.
  2. MAS is asking banks for a list of their APIs on a regular basis (implicitly encouraging them to build APIs).
  • I’ve asked if the list is public with no response yet. Please let us know if you get your hands on the list.
  1. MAS itself is developing APIs that will be used for regulatory reporting purposes to simplify the process. Again, encouraging banks to use APIs.

Interesting times.


Teller teller.io: An alternative to screen scraping, which leverages the APIs used for mobile banking apps and exposes them as a public API for developers


SynapsePay is a white-labeled API that connects developers with banks (to automate services like payments, opening bank accounts, reducing risk, managing compliance, etc)


Topicus Finance is a Dutch company offering a bank-in-a-box software solution to banks and alternative lenders in the Netherlands. Their software is used by pretty much every major bank in the Netherlands in one way or another. They also just launched a real estate mortgage crowdfunding platform (Dutch), for which they got a license from the Dutch AFM (financial market authority).

The actual bank-in-a-box is marketed as Fyndoo, a modular SaaS solution with an open API. It for example connects to an SME’s accounting software so it can source data directly for SME credit scoring and monitoring purposes.