Daily Fintech Conversations

Is the air coming out of the tire called private blockchain for enterprise?

We use the analogy of a tire not a bubble as many overhyped markets decline gradually rather than imploding in dramatic way.

To kick off the discussion we give 3 reasons why yes and 3 reasons why no.

3 reasons why yes:

  1. Splintering of the R3 consortium and R3 saying they are no longer “blockchain”
  2. Blockchain funding plummeted 54% in 2016.
  3. The real payoff from enterprise blockchain comes from inter-enterprise networks (e.g. to enable real time settlement) and consortia have usually not done well at driving that kind of change. So we may have to wait for startups to drive change.

3 reasons why no

  1. Conferences and reports about Blockchain still sell well
  2. IBM and Microsoft are very active in Blockchain.
  3. Hyperledger seems to be getting a lot of traction and the Linux Foundation has a lot of respect.

What do you think?