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Is anybody working on a replacement for Yahoo Finance?


@mikesonders it looks interesring at conceptual level. Are you part of their team?


@ron would you tells us in what ways maybe be a replacement of the free part of Yahoo Finance fundamental research services?


While researching on XBRL use cases in WM, I discovered MarketWall, an app from Analytixinsight, a Canadian publicly traded company who is also the parent of CapitalCube, that uses XBRL to offer the first financial App built for smart devices: Samsung TV, smart watches, tablets and smartphones. It has more than 10mil users (as of Dec 2015) and recently struck a partnership with Banco Intesa Sanpaolo, that will integrate MarketWall app on their digital platform and offer execution too.

It is clearly a viable replacement for the free part of Yahoo Finance fundamental research services (i.e. free detailed and near real-time fundamental data) Anybody used this app? I am researching whether one can construct a portfolio (watchlist) and download it in excel.


Amazing as it sounds, Yahoo Finance has made some improvements lately.


What kind of improvements?


Yahoo finance API is not available anymore. I have moved to MarketXLS after this change, much more reliable data.


Thanks @Harrymon12 and welcome to Fintech Genome. I did not know MarketXLS, looks good. How does it compare to Xignite?