Is anybody working on a replacement for Yahoo Finance?

It has been getting bad for years and methinks decline will accelerate. Market is wide open

In general,Google Finance, Finviz, Marketwatch would make good alternatives. Yahoo Finance’s real time data costs quite a bit, and would be hard for a startup to pay for using only ad revenue.

Most people I know use Yahoo Finance, but only because its free. I think it will stay relevant for quite some more time.

My needs may not be mainstream. I invest on my own account - not in market for a Blooomberg!

Is free to air still viable post adblockers. I would go with cheap. Don’t need real time ie delayed quotes are fine as I am a long term buy and hold fundamentals investors.

Yahoo key statistics is my favorite.

Will Verizon invest in this or just squeeze cash flow till it dies a natural death?

Its probablty Google I have to go to.

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One of my favorite business journalists, Matt Levine, is also asking good questions about VerizAolHoo and the leftover Yahoo.
Possibly a new conglomerate to watch.

TipRanks is really good for fundamental data. Free up to a certain point, then subscription.

Quandl is a really good source of data with simple APIs. If you’re a long-term investor @BernardLunn , prior day’s close price may be sufficient? :slight_smile:


I agree, YFin is not useful for a more thorough analysis, but great for a quick check on market cap/price. Somewhere between YFin and Bloomberg, I’d also recommend my startup- , although I’m a bit biased here :smile:

It automates technical, financial statements analysis and builds your portfolio.


Thinknum is also in this area. I had researched them one year ago in
I will invite the founder to join the conversation.

@pg1337 can you shows us how works with a Fintech portfolio (not complete by any means) example?
Can you create a portfolio of the (20) stocks below and track (for free) MARKET CAP, P/E, or PEG? And rank them my market cap and then by PE or PEG?


Thanks @EricForgy I will check out quandl. Closing day prices are fine.

Posting a bit late-

I created a watchlist for the stocks mentioned, can’t add a couple of OTC tickers, but I’ve added the rest.

We’re still adding data for all stocks so some data might be missing, but expect to complete it over the next month or so.

Edited: The embed option doesn’t seem to render correctly, so please use the link.

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thanks @pg1337. I understand that stocks on BATS or other exchanges arent yet acocmodated. But why are market cap data of stocks like ING, UBS, LC ect showing 0 (as if missing)? Is this simply work in progress?

Will all this remain free? Will you be monetizing through subscriptions and what part of your services will be only for subscribers?

We’re preparing to launch officially in the next one month or so, I expect we’ll have all the data in place by then. Incorporating and starting the business is excruciatingly slow in India, we’re at it for about 2 months now.

Its available for 2 countries so far- US and India, the data for India is complete.

The watchlists will remain free, and we’ll be monetizing through a robo advisory/flat fee thats still evolving with pilot customers. We build portfolios that replicate an index/ ETF strategy/ based on active strategies, so in effect, an investor gets a customized fund in their own brokerage account with no no entry/exit delays, paperwork or lockins.

Please feel free to try it out, all feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi @pg1337 (please put your real name in profile, makes conversations easier).

Pleased to see somebody having a go at this market. With Yahoo distracted, the window is open.

The revenue model is tricky. Pay Per Action to brokers and Advisers makes sense.

The UI needs work. Serve something simple. Entice experienced users into more complex functionality later.

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@BernardLunn: Thanks Bernard, appreciate the feedback. Still evolving, so definitely something we’ll work on.

Agree about revenue model, Pay-per-trade and flat fee is what we are experimenting with at the moment.

I’ve added my full name to my profile,but I can’t seem to be able to change the username.

@Prathamesh I changed your name. Does it look fine to you?
Best Efi

Thanks, looks good now!


As a new member, I’d like to thank @Efi for inviting me to join.

I work for a start-up called Marie Quantier. We are 12 people and have 2 previous head of trading from tier 1 bank at our board.

We’ve been working for the past 3 years at a new risk management platform in order to help previous “pro” run their own portfolio by themselves and for a cost as little as possible that could be used by retail investors.
We developed a huge database (securities, economics, estimates) that can be accessible through:
1/ “Météo des Marché” for current macro diagnosis (16 sec video)
2/ “Dividends & prices” for prices and ETF dividend estimates from single stocks option markets (34 sec video)
3/ “MiniBloom” to explore the history of market regimes from 1999 and access data (30 sec video)

Happy to answer any questions.

Hope that can help with the current subject.

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Hi @MathieuHamel welcome, pleased to see you here. I hope it leads to insightful conversations and useful connections.

Don’t forget to add a photo to your profile, it makes it easier for other members to recognise you.

Another suggestion. Post something like Introducing Marie Quantier to the Fintech Genome community. Tell us what you do, why people should be interested and who you want to connnect to and why. That will help the right people to connect with you.

Let me check this out and see if it fits my rather quirky approach to investing. Sounds interesting.

A curation of the up to date conversation, points to a work in progress.

Tradestream from India and Quandl from Canada, could qualify and we need to monitor for their updates. Marie Quantier needs to checked out.

Keep your eye on they been rather in stealth mode although can feel something big is brewing.